Statistics made Easy

  • Believe it or not Statistics can be easy! EasyStat makes it that way. With a few clicks and data entries all of your statistics problems can be solved in an instant. It is powerful, compact, easy to understand and practical. Ninety nine (99)% of the basic statistics are packed into a power pack of stat calculations. With EasyStat you can perform forecasting based on sales history using linear estimation. EasyStat computes all basic statistics including mean, weighted mean, sample standard deviation, population standard deviation, correlation, combinations, permutations, probability and others. Users can perform predictions over ranges of input to model sales, production and other business processes. It is a must have for school studies, a student can in seconds calculate outputs for lab studies and other statistical problem assignments. Give yourself the advantage at school with this simple powerful tool. Powerful. Easy to Use. Practical. Designed for real world applications. It is a must for your phone applications. Buy it now, don’t wait. Believe it or not statistics can be easy with EasyStat!
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