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Business Lead Tracker

Track your Leads and convert them into Deals. LeadTracker (LT) allows you to track your business leads and follow up effectively to close the deals. LT also tracks the tasks and contacts to make the followup on the leads effortless. The trial... more

By MB9 Pte Ltd


FreeImpact National Conference 2010

Want to experience the Impact National Conference on a whole new level? For our 7th annual conference, you can use this app to get updates on the conference, learn more about the speakers, navigate around the conference with a map, see a clear... more

By Polar Mobile


FreeKompas Bisnis

Get the breaking news and latest articles/stories from, Indonesia's leading and most trusted news portal. Keep updated with what's happening in Indonesia and around the world. A complete set of Bisnis news stories delivered quickly... more

By Polar Mobile


Close the Sale!

Salespeople! Discover a new way to plan your month and set your goals. Close the Sale! is a rare, easy, and useful application that will help you meet your financial aspirations. This app will allow you to enter your financial goals, your... more




VeriLocation app in “lite” version for ease of use on Windows Phone 7. Free for existing VeriLocation customers requiring only username and login password to access your account. Provides ability to view a map with the location of all... more

By Overview Mapping Ltd


FreeAuthAnvil SoftToken

AuthAnvil SoftTokens transform your smartphone into a two-factor authentication device capable of generating unique one time passwords (OTP). This provides identity assurance protection when you need to log into protected resources such as... more

By Scorpion Software Corp.



Believe it or not Statistics can be easy! EasyStat makes it that way. With a few clicks and data entries all of your statistics problems can be solved in an instant. It is powerful, compact, easy to understand and practical. Ninety nine (99)% of... more

By Openview Publishing LLC


FreeAustralia Post

Australia Post now provides access to our popular services with the new Windows Phone 7 application. You can calculate postage costs via the postage assessment calculator tool, search for a postcode, find a post office or post box and view and... more

By Australia Post


HVAC Buddy Duct Calc

Are all Duct sizing calculators tedious? The wheel ductulators and computerized versions are good but you still are left entering different combinations given a set of design parameters. HVAC Buddy Duct Calc has unique sliders for inputs so you... more



FreeSoluzioni 24 Fisco

Soluzioni 24 Fisco è il sistema che raccoglie ed integra tra loro tutti gli strumenti informativi del Gruppo 24 ORE per i professionisti e le aziende che operano nel settore fiscale. La versione per Windows Phone 7 contiene tutta la normativa in... more

By Il Sole 24 Ore