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  • Smartsoft Mobile Apps give users real-time access to back office systems like SAP, Oracle, and others from their Windows Phone. With the Windows Phone Smartsoft Mobile Apps, employee and partner productivity is increased by access to real-time alerts and information which increase personnel utilization and reduce delays in the work flow. This app provides access to real-time Inventory Inquiry, Purchase Order Approvals, Timesheet Entry, and Timesheet Approval functions. In addition, the user receives alerts about pending actions and approvals. Smartsoft Mobile Apps connect through mobile middleware to your back office system. However, to explore the capabilities of the app, download it today and start working immediately with the sample data downloaded to your Windows Phone with the app. When you are ready to connect to your back office, contact Smartsoft Mobile for all the details. Connecting to your back office will require appropriate licenses to your back office and the mobile middleware. V1.1 Features • Added Time Entry capability for individual user to report working hours on projects and tasks, submit timesheets, view previous timesheets, and view personal information • Added Time Approval capability for authorized user to view submitted timesheets and approve or reject these timesheets.
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SAP access from my Windows Phone
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