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  • swoq  2010-11-06 23:20
  • Babakp  2010-11-02 22:19
  • jwalkernh  2010-10-21 19:15
Awesome app!
I love all of the stuff in here: Movies, traffic, events. The coupons are really good. I got a deal on lunch today. The restaurant reviews are really helpful.
  • KaushikDaGr8  2010-10-20 01:15
Neat and well done, comprehensive search results which will at times be better than bing or other search providers
  • Cyrce  2010-10-20 00:28
Good once you set location, but could be improved
Things weren't working well until I set my location (not just check the box to use my current location, but tap on the GPS option). But once I got that in things started working and I like the ability to save searches to the home screen. Also the gas prices and traffic are nice. Weather worked well, but grocery barely works at all as mentioned in another reviews. Chains like Safeway should be showing up, and consulting firms should not. I would love an open late option for restaurants! Often after sporting events you need a place that is still serving food and this would be a great way to find it! Also putting hours in the cards would be a good start.
  • tenochititlan  2010-10-19 07:58
Searching for shopping places shows a lists of Incs and grocery store list consists no fredmeyer nor Safeway. The nearest resteraunt listed is more than 3 miles away. Apparently this app requires more effort.
  • turecej1  2010-10-18 22:18
Very useful locator app
Very useful for locating everyday things like restaurants, bars, events, movies, traffic conditions, etc... The scrolling through search results is a little choppy, but nothing too bad.
  • Player980810  2010-10-17 22:12
Good app, but not without a few issues. Hourly weather always tells you about Boston, which although interesting, isn't particularly helpful in Washington state! Also, I was getting many listings for restaurants that are out of business. News is good, and overall I like the concept of the app.
  • KleinHu2010  2010-10-16 19:47
I have to say this app is really good. Not only content, but performance is also good, even in Tiger Mountain
  • paambu  2010-10-15 00:33
Decent apps tells you what is closely. Traffic is a good touch
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