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  • Hangman : Monster (With Worldwide Leaderboard!) is a fun hangman game available on your Windows Phone! Don't hang the monster or you will lose the game... Ok you may hang him to see what it looks like too... :) Anyway, this hangman is a lot of fun to play with and has a long game lifetime, plus three levels of difficulties! The game includes : - All level of difficulties included with the app for FREE - 3 levels of difficulties : Easy, Medium, Difficult - Possibility to beat your scores : your score equals the total number of words you found successively without being hanged at all... - More than 200 different english words per level of difficulty! - A fun game design. - Worldwide player leaderboard! Beat other players and have the highest hangman score ever. Take the challenge now and show all players you are the best at discovering words. Easy to play, fun to play... Give it a try and enjoy ! You may also download, from the same collection : - Hangman : Pirate skeleton - Hangman : Business man (Yes you can hang him too!) - Hangman : Cowboy Ahead Solutions is one of the leading software company on Windows Phone and an innovative company that develops many games & apps for Windows Phone including : GeoQuizz, MyThings (Top to do list app - www.mythingswp7.com), AlcooloTest (Alcohol Tester app - http://www.mythingswp7.com), MyQuiz games, MyMemory games and many to come. Follow us on twitter : http://twitter.com/aheadsolutions / For any issue feel free to contact us at : [email protected]
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  • 2011-06-28 03:04
  • 2012-04-27 10:57
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2012-05-12 16:19 SweetHoney2012
'Gallop' has two Ls. Awful game, especially with making you register to play *** hangman.
2011-08-06 14:08 UnrealSeanferd
Didn't agree to the licensing agreement with collecting my data and sending me emails. Could be a fun game though
2011-06-28 15:47 moonerj
Requires registration with email address to play, TOS allows them to give your email address to third parties (spammers).
2011-06-29 05:18 G365 Nick
2011-06-29 16:51 Player847890091
2011-07-01 12:00 MJKHonline
Pretty fun, easy mode came up with the word kark....really?
2011-07-02 21:29 cgdoc519
2011-07-07 14:27 dangump
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