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  • Words By Post is the only cross-platform word game that keeps track of your skill level and always matches you against players of similar ability to your own. And since it is available for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phones, you can play your friends no matter what type of phone they have! Play this classic word game with real people! Challenge your friends to friendly games or play ranked matches against random opponents of similar skill levels. Compete for the highest rating. Play as many simultaneous games as you want! Pin the app to your home screen and push notifications will let you know when you have moves waiting! Tap any played word on the board to see the definition and etymology of the word. Tap on your opponent's name to see your all-time head to head stats against that person. Customize the board color theme to be either light or dark. Chat with your opponents using the in-game message board. Improve your ranking by playing ranked games against comparable opponents. Skill ranking updates using the classic Elo rating system to adjust your rank when you win or lose. A leaderboard view shows you how you compare to the top players. Words By Post is perfect for players of all skill levels because your matched opponent's skill level will be adapted based on your own skill level. Shake your phone to randomly reorder your tiles. Create a local hand-off game and play your friend by passing the phone back and forth. When you make your move, your opponents tiles will not be visible until they reveal them. New in Version 2.8 --------------------- Bug fixes: - Fix so that in game refreshing doesn't causes errors - Fix head-to-head stats results display bug - Fix layout of leaderboard win/loss column - Fix Facebook settings page for light theme - Fix to reduce corrupt game instances - Swapping yes/no buttons in accept game dialog
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2012-07-10 23:02 Player483081062
2012-07-11 04:35 Player949552018
2012-07-11 05:29 SouthernNurse
So far so good... Seem to be getting a lot of vowels lately...
2012-07-11 06:15 suziqt78
2012-07-11 06:31 Player499878435
No complaints
2012-07-11 14:35 TH3 LAST J3DI
2012-07-11 19:42 Thanatos63
2012-07-11 22:56 FrEsHERIC13
2012-07-12 02:19 Player583008928
2012-07-12 05:03 Mz O So Fly
Love it
2012-07-12 07:11 Player556064086
Great app
2012-07-12 16:16 salchalady
Especially love the ranked matches
2012-07-12 16:22 FXYRN83X
2012-07-12 21:47 NameBeasty boy
Thus is a really fun game I like it
2012-07-13 02:31 Player352824932
2012-07-13 02:39 Stratosphere74
the most addictive game I've played! I actually have to stop myself from starting new games. If I had to add anything, it would be ability to play against the program itself. Other than that, PERFECT!
2012-07-13 05:12 hntr51
Love to play.;)
2012-07-13 23:36 RookyGenju
2012-07-14 03:32 Player226392496
2012-07-14 04:49 Player434390544
2012-07-14 10:54 Player523835707
Fun to play. Good customer service from developer.
2012-07-14 15:58 Pelcky
This game is addicting, words hames are my favorite. And best of all I can play on my windows HTC 7 phone, cause there are not many games that work on my phone. Love this game. . . .
2012-07-14 17:48 Player904354846
2012-07-14 18:31 Breakfast4Dinnr
Love it <3
2012-07-14 20:51 Lottacar68
2012-07-14 22:16 Player885337249
2012-07-14 23:43 mema8301
2012-07-14 23:49 Player835768615
2012-07-15 00:38 lsandiford
Great game! :-)
2012-07-15 00:53 Solracrones
I love this game. Keeps me entertained and I haven't had any bugs with it for a long time.
2012-07-15 03:17 cassboo19
Best scrabble type game I've found
2012-07-15 15:57 samoreau
Bad *** game. Very addicting. I play 3-4 players at a time just to keep it going
2012-07-15 17:41 loboferoz1976
Love the cross platform games like this. Username is dbm326 if you want an unranked match.
2012-07-16 00:19 DMar17
Love It!!!!!
2012-07-16 01:30 Player303447867
2012-07-16 01:40 Player926094215
Love this game, wish I could be an Xbox game.
2012-07-16 01:41 wxJimG
2012-07-16 02:42 Player238368050
2012-07-16 15:18 jsous810
2012-07-16 16:43 Player791349549
2012-07-17 00:32 seankinney
I am hooked!
2012-07-17 01:25 Player016674266
2012-07-17 02:19 jetherealz
Very nice and challenging. It forces you to go back to learning and memorizing.
2012-07-17 02:36 D0ggSh0
2012-07-17 02:46 Player098839479
2012-07-17 02:47 nore1980
2012-07-17 04:51 zeromarth2003
2012-07-17 07:47 raghavendra066
2012-07-17 10:56 Player1235156
This game fun
2012-07-17 12:24 THC CAMPER
Finds opponents for you!
2012-07-17 16:55 Amazingkarma
2012-07-17 18:12 Player961919318
2012-07-17 19:20 DebzLuvz
2012-07-17 22:08 Player660455399
This is really great. Usually in these apps the word coverage is never complete. This seems to be an exception to prove the rule.
2012-07-17 22:14 indranilroy
2012-07-18 04:05 IrishRed4289
Excellent happy good time
2012-07-18 15:34 PepsiMercenary
Great classic available on all major phone platforms so I can play with my friends.
2012-07-18 16:13 Meason09
2012-07-18 22:45 Player694996099
really works my brain
2012-07-19 00:10 Tiger2897
Words with friends for Windows Phone ya heard Woah
2012-07-02 21:38 Player545030767
2012-07-03 00:21 Player885337249
Very fun
2012-07-03 02:28 Knil107
It's a great game. If words with friends ever comes to windows phone, I probably won't make the switch.
2012-07-03 04:02 Bigfoots Toe
2012-07-03 04:39 montereydave
Great app
2012-07-03 04:42 BusyQueenBee19
Awesome game. My current favorite
2012-07-03 05:41 mparekh
I think this is a wonderful app. I like having the alerts so u can continue to play but you can do what u have to and come back to it when ur done you can start more games while u wait on others so ur always playing it a great game and its free
2012-07-03 05:45 Sunset Suzy
2012-07-03 16:23 Player660455399
Love this game, cannot seem to stop playing.several words need to be added to database and would help if based on Webster's dictionary.
2012-07-03 17:49 Player596382364
2012-07-03 19:14 Player314966137
2012-07-03 22:26 Coeus89
2012-07-04 00:47 Sullenberger
Best free word game out there!
2012-07-04 03:39 CABanks77
Excellent app, especially for the Scrabble junkie! Would like to be able to choose an opponent by rank, I.e., someone with a higher rank than yours, to offer a greater challenge!
2012-07-04 07:05 FiOSDave
2012-07-04 22:58 NotLarryEllison
2012-07-04 23:44 Player965080771
Great game! Love it!
2012-07-05 01:49 Player236035345
So much fun!! It's addicting! Love it
2012-07-05 02:44 Connieslp
2012-07-05 03:49 lana913
Love it!
2012-07-05 04:24 Forevergr8ful2U
One of the better games I have purchased for my windows phone.
2012-07-05 12:58 Player646630690
2012-07-05 17:37 takeitoff1213
I love to play I just don't like that you can't use a state or a name as a word.
2012-07-05 20:54 Tiffcurry
2012-07-05 22:32 Player902672858
2012-07-06 07:46 rmurray650
Great app
2012-07-06 07:49 Nechy21
too much guessing going out there. need to get this sorted otherwise a great way to kill time.
2012-07-06 11:44 ankitti
2012-07-06 12:06 Player977330252
Great game!
2012-07-06 16:18 Player900222282
2012-07-06 23:17 cocolioness22
Totally addicted!
2012-07-07 00:59 rjacobi
2012-07-07 01:46 O Lopes
2012-07-07 04:42 redeyedlemer
2012-07-07 14:46 ChiefinYourWeed
Great fun! Love it!
2012-07-07 16:26 Player581025030
It use to be fun but every game has constant double and triple letters over and over. To frustrating to keep playing. Seems since last time game was updated it does this. Lame!!!!
2012-07-07 18:02 mattyboy72
2012-07-07 22:15 shaimami
2012-07-08 03:02 Player955163596
2012-07-08 04:44 PugHearts CCR
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