Drink Smart

Alcohol advisor & meter

  • Drink Smart is the ultimate alcohol adviser and meter. Your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) is calculated with Widmark formula and improved with Watson, Watson & Batt (1981) paper (it takes into account your sex, age, size and weight). You can enter exactly which drink you had at what time and see your graph (you can even add food and throw up). You have clear information about how much you can still drink and drive or how long you have to wait before taking the wheel (there is even a button to find local taxis). There are 4 different games (stability, reflex, math and shapes) to help you see the effect of alcohol on your aptitude.
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  • StevenM
  • 2010-10-27 00:00
  • 2010-12-23 08:43
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Just reviewed, edited
2010-11-01 20:57 prod1101c9
This app gets props for being a cool idea that appears functional...but the UI is very bad.
2010-11-14 23:56 mwdavis84
2010-11-16 02:09 fallcity
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