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  • Tracking your weight has never been easier! Find out what your perfect weight is by simply entering your height, that's all! Use our proven scientific method of calculating your perfect weight to set your diet goal. Follow the evolution of your weight over time on the chart and see when you should watch your weight more often. Compute your Body Mass Index (BMI) to keep and follow your goal during your diet. This tool is the perfect companion when following a diet, to keep or gain a healthy weight, or simply if you are curious to know how healthy you are compared to others. Follow us on Twitter @pastaGapp for discounts and promotions
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  • 2011-04-17 02:45
  • 2012-03-26 11:44
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Eh works but nothing you can't figure out with google. And BMI needs way more input to actually be accurate.
2012-03-15 03:56 Player489679446
2011-04-17 22:10 OxGYMKHANA
2011-04-18 00:59 ShantalNichole
2011-04-21 18:35 Nixx82
I'm 5'9 I should not be below 140 this does not factor in height.
2011-06-01 05:39 Kita0629
2011-06-04 14:41 ParryMagpie
2011-06-20 07:51 lonestarmoon07
Weird I'm 6ft and my perfect weight is 158lbs seems little small lol
2011-07-10 09:57 ralphy6346
Pretty darn accurate!!!
2012-02-10 15:55 Player932536387
2012-01-26 10:08 Player416407372
2012-01-19 15:09 Pam3122
2011-12-16 22:37 Player392220557
2011-12-30 05:34 Player803533149
Well I think its a good ...but I can't seem to use the graph...
2011-12-30 14:31 Player940235915
2011-11-26 05:20 Player523787155
i am female n this is a good app, shows us how height and weight/BMI factors into overall health...makes us aware whether we want to accept it or not. Looks they they r using bmi to determine rating so u have to decide what ur best BMI is. My goal is to hit 19.5, currently at 21.5 and height is 6ft
2011-11-17 14:29 Richman29
Can't see what my weight is supposed to be since the ad's are covering it up. Can only see a rough estimate based on what the graph is showing next to it.
2011-11-03 03:35 Twylyght Myst
It a good so if used everyday to keep track!:-)
2011-10-16 21:43 Player159438134
2011-10-11 15:34 Player865834043
I liked tracking with the graph...ignored the recommended weight. But when it updated and added 20 pounds to every weight entry for the last 3 months, buh-bye!
2011-10-01 19:27 nicault
2011-09-23 03:31 Player039409041
Lol it said I had to be 150 for my size id be all skin and bones if I follow this ***
2011-09-24 00:33 RikkuVentus
Horrible worst thing for self esteem and yeah your lose weight cause it will cause you not to want to eat
2011-09-11 04:11 littlejennyk
This is very inaccurate. This will make people feel fat. Don't use it! It says I should be 120 lbs...i starved myself in high school to get to that weight and im 25 now with two kids...i don't *** think so.
2011-09-05 05:09 psydreamr85
Very good
2011-09-01 16:34 AltBean3
2011-08-24 18:37 lI Ian lI
2011-08-16 19:44 onelovinmomma
All i need is a weight graph. And this is perfect.
Easy and simple weight chart that works great. Oh and BTW. The Over/Underweight chart is calibrated at UK specs. (Where nations are not quite so FAT.) Americans eat until full, where others just eat a decent serving.
2011-08-14 17:18 LooneyZun3
Not accurate at all!!!
2011-08-10 09:14 GuillermoFP
Gay I'm 5'6" with a slight beer belly but pretty jacked at 200 lbs it says I should be at 135 that was my wrestling weight in highschool that I starved and dehydrated myself to keep def not accurate
2011-08-06 02:46 Givemesomelager
Does not go above 300 so it is not much use for those wanting help
2011-07-24 06:59 ghosthuntesspdx
5'8 And perfect weight is 130? I'm 150 and look awesome so f off
2011-07-25 15:54 Player926540622
2011-07-23 05:07 erosales0
Makes me feel fat:'(
2011-07-12 06:53 xRaNd0mxBoY
Very useless.
2011-05-05 13:44 Terea M
2011-05-07 17:01 Player122484169
2011-05-20 05:15 Mr Tor
This is so helpful for women I really like howv it shows me the progress I'm doing
2011-05-27 21:05 Miss Vance
2011-05-30 15:22 Player416219793
I'm 5'9 I should not be below 140 this does not factor in height.
2011-06-01 05:39 Player745780224
2011-06-04 14:41 Player584472935
2011-06-09 11:16 molee1
Completely inaccurate. What a way to cause bad body image.
2011-06-14 14:34 Player350212254
Not accurate. Doesn't seem like it accounts for muscle weight and height. Thanks for telling me I'm obese for a softball player.
2011-06-15 00:53 xmexcorex
Good app. Helps keep track of weight loss
2011-06-17 23:30 WESMAN42
2011-06-20 07:51 Player215629134
This is good for track myself .
2011-06-23 13:09 Player676816605
Good app to track my weight loss.
2011-06-30 07:40 Player952819791
Not good, I am 28 years old and a mother of 3 small children, I'm 5 3 and this thing sed I should be 115lb. I not think so!! 130 135 Is more like it.
2011-07-06 21:49 Player622477529
Weird I'm 6ft and my perfect weight is 158lbs seems little small lol
2011-07-10 09:57 Player910796949
Kinda useless
2011-04-25 23:31 acpyip
I'm 5'11... I totally should not be 140... It should factor in if your lighter or heavier bone set (I'm built like my dad) I've seen some that do that.
2011-04-20 04:20 BlueCowGirl
2011-04-21 18:35 Player532969548
2011-04-17 22:10 MUTT0N STEW
2011-04-18 00:59 Player614428100
It should allow you to pick up the startup image for better motivation. Other than that, a decent app.
2011-04-18 01:23 AwesomeMomof6
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