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DietTrac is a panorama style app that allows one to track and graph daily caloric intake and calories burned. A reference section allows for quick web based look up of the caloric content of thousands of foods and drinks. One can also calculate... more

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Jam-packed with detailed information on over over 50 superfruits, supervegetables, and other superfoods, Superfood will empower you to take full advantage of all that nature has to offer. Vegetarians, those on a diet, and those who simply care... more

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My Calorie Guru

V.Next: Major overhaul to food item search. V1.2: Fixed Recent Custom Item selection issue. Addition of food items into database. V1.1: Fixed Universal time conversion issue. Minor updates to search. Addition of food items to database. My... more

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FreeFish Safety

Fish Safety is a handy guide to which fish are safe to eat. It's FREE!!! Ratings are based on mercury content found in fish published in FDA studies. more

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weight mapps

Track your weight, height, body-water and body-fat and calculate your body mass index. Track changes of each value on an interactive chart. Be self-conscious and track your body mass index! New features: - Accurate to a tenth - Added support for... more

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Neue WP7.1-Version. Lebensmittelzusatzstoffe enthält eine Liste und Detailinformationen (Bezeichnung, Klasse, Beschreibung und Hinweise, evtl. Schädigungen) der in Europa zugelassenen Zusatzstoffe (E-Nummern). - Kennzeichnung der in... more

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FreeWeight Watcher

Keep track of your weight and height with this simple to use application. Weigh yourself, enter it into the app and view your progress in a nice looking graph. Set a target weight and the graph shows you how you are doing relative to your target... more

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Drink Smart

Drink Smart is the ultimate alcohol adviser and meter. Your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) is calculated with Widmark formula and improved with Watson, Watson & Batt (1981) paper (it takes into account your sex, age, size and weight). You can... more

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Weight Manager

Weight Manager track your daily weight and calculate your BMI(Body Mass Index) and RMR(Resting Metabolic Rate). BMI is used to estimate a health body weight based on a person's weight. You can add, modify and delete your weights, calculate your... more

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Lose Weight with Andrew Johnson

This App is designed to help dissolve the bad habits associated with overeating, eating too fast, eating at the wrong times "yo-yo" dieting etc. Many weight problems start in the mind. The messages on this App can help you achieve sustainable... more

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