Nihao - Chinese Langauage Course

  • In the following course, we will learn Chinese, or, to be more precise, its most popular form, Mandarin Chinese. There are many languages and dialects in China. The majority of China's population is currently learning the national language, (Mandarin Chinese) which in China is also called??? p? t?ng huà (the common language). In the further part of this course, when we use the term Chinese, we will have Mandarin Chinese in mind. This is the first part – Basic knowledge and grammar. Next lessons include words and sentences from everyday life. The whole series consist of ten lessons. Lesson 1 is for free with ads support. Please give us a comment by sending email [email protected] and we will include your comments in next updates and lessons.
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  • 2011-08-07 15:12
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2011-12-04 20:28 albertomorillor
Lots of pronunciation are inaccurate.
2011-11-19 06:09 yoda 7th
Good concept and general info, but quite a few errors
This app has good potentials. This free app is the first lesson of what I can see are a total of three lessons on Mandarin Chinese. This lesson features pinyin and some general information. There are 17 sections in this lesson. Audio appears to be downloaded from the Internet on the fly but I could be wrong on this. The problem is, there are quite a few errors. For example, the pinyin "o" should be pronounced somewhat like "aw" as in "saw" not "oe" as in "foe" which the speaker does. Completely incorrect. Also the sub-lesson involving "not" is completely screwed up as the speaker omits the "not" sound completely. Quizzes do not work at all. Wish they had done a better job and paid more attention to details. I would have bought the other two lessons (and maybe more in the future) if this free lesson didn't have all these serious flaws.
2011-11-06 01:28 hbj200
The sound on the clips is a bit muffled
2011-11-09 21:25 Player446582202
Good information. Navigation of the app is poor, and doesn't allow you to move back. Playing sounds you need to know to pause after each one to keep up.
2011-08-10 03:52 LordStanley76
Tough language. It's easy but for the Chinese :)
2011-08-10 22:49 DosPilas
It really helpful when You want to know basic chinese words
2011-08-19 12:33 bulaniak
Chinese language is hard. This app is for people who really want to learn it.
2011-08-19 12:53 piecees
Fantastic when You start to learn this language
2011-08-19 13:05 Stalowka86
2011-10-09 06:34 Pulakification
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