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  • Developed by Profiler1 Face Reader is the world's most sophisticated and detailed “Face Reading” application . The app is based on and supported by the Profiler1.com engine which also offers one the opportunity to experience our website. Face Reader uses a special server algorithm and face recognition system enabling anyone to read any human face and gain a comprehensive report. Such a report covers a variety of personality traits and yet is presented in a humorous style. You can take a photograph of yourself , your spouse, friends, siblings, parents or any others and figure out their behavioral and character traits. Thirteen years of statistical research should be incentive enough to get one and all to commence using Face Reader…you won't believe how much truth is revealed by the human face! It should be noted that similar systems are used in the field of intelligence. Use it at meetings, parties, at home and even to charm your next date! Just take a photograph or choose from the gallery and our special system will do the rest in a couple of seconds. Face Reader is exploited by people throughout the world speaking five different languages. You can set up your own language: English, Spanish, French , German Italian or other.
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Pretty cool
2011-12-11 18:03 crzyndn4life
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