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It will be alright!

  • Mitch Hedberg was one of the greatest comedians of all time, you can enjoy his brilliant jokes right here in this app. I wish he was still around to tell them. Features: - Favorites (5 star rating system) - Sharing Jokes via Facebook, Email and SMS Update Details (1.4) - Added new jokes - Added about page - Facebook integration - Improved UI - 5 star rating system
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  • 2010-12-24 02:21
  • 2012-05-02 01:25
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2010-12-24 18:39 TreyByDay
2011-04-09 01:08 SiriusBones916
He had potential he probably was better on stage.These jokes are not very funny.
2011-02-17 03:48 The Herman Cain
Jokes r soooo not funny... Like the app design though...
2012-07-13 17:36 mantrayantra
Perfect quick jokes! I love it!
2010-12-25 07:38 StoneTheBone7
funny very funny
2010-12-26 03:45 x OsO sorry x
Fantastic, thanks.
2010-12-24 20:22 lolpetewtf
2011-01-12 16:46 countergank
Great app, has all of the best comedian alive. Well until he got carried away with speedballin.
2011-01-30 11:06 BubbaAnarchism
2011-07-16 05:50 xSgt Perkinsx
I love this app, but they need to update it.
2011-10-22 03:59 Player928531649
2011-10-10 16:55 zeewolf47
2011-07-18 22:33 Oswald Boelcke
2011-07-16 05:50 MajorxPainx
2011-05-06 03:24 Wiiggin
I'd give it 8 stars if I could!
2011-05-15 15:33 TheBrad9797
Loved it, this app makes me laugh everytime.
2011-05-23 00:02 leader bean
A sorely missed comic. Love the app because his jokes were pure awkward genius.
2011-07-10 18:07 n8iv3
2011-04-09 01:08 rhada302
Awesome app. I only found out about this guy after he was gone; very funny though. I haven't come across anything dirty yet. Great comedian. Thank you developer.
2011-03-12 09:12 Lethal8108
2011-03-01 18:06 Player168691100
2011-02-26 14:42 TyrantRex14
Great comedian, great app. I appreciate that the swearing was limited so I can share these with my friends at work
2011-02-23 20:40 Diptoos
Has cencored Mitch can his jokes be funny without his swearing?! Needs to be an uncensored version of this app
2011-02-21 06:39 Player728820215
He had potential he probably was better on stage.These jokes are not very funny.
2011-02-17 03:48 AC3ofSPADES777
2011-02-15 08:24 RawwrImaZombie
2011-02-12 22:48 FuZzErR
2011-02-06 18:33 curlyQ87
2011-02-07 20:38 NateGrey0130
Exactly as advertised. Nothing more. RIP Mitch.
2011-02-03 22:44 scottfarner
Great app, has all of the best comedian alive. Well until he got carried away with speedballin.
2011-01-30 11:06 HeavyMetalSix66
2011-01-30 11:05 HeavyMetalSix66
Some great jokes from the late great Mitch Hedberg.
2011-01-27 01:54 T67443
2011-01-25 07:01 Player034412329
I love Mitch. Great jokes can now be carried along with you everywhere
2011-01-15 23:43 good sk8er
I love this app and what a respectful way to remember him by. I'm sure he would have loved this but he would have just joked about it.
2011-01-16 18:01 OnSecondThought
A legend to remember!!!
Of of best comics ever to hit the stage. He is a legend to remembered forever!!!
2011-01-14 02:38 av8rchk
Good for a smile
2011-01-14 05:11 f0rd13
2011-01-12 16:46 Player081280463
Have dig for the gems but a very original comedian
2011-01-10 03:33 crapstersmagee
love it.
2011-01-10 05:03 Player953552100
Love this. He was hilarious.
2011-01-06 19:16 Bustagut Laffin
Some of the Funniest stuff. If you don't find the jokes funny go listen to some of his stuff. The people who find this stuff funny have seen or heard him. I mean look at joke 80 of 234 and tell me thats not orginial.
2011-01-04 23:15 Frostesh
Pretty funny, wish he hadn't have died.
2011-01-01 13:19 Voxna
Really funny, he's one of my favorite comedians. Wish he hadn't died :(
2010-12-30 13:46 gordosam000
2010-12-28 16:13 vwethan
Pretty nifty and funny. Would be great if you could post to fb, and that it would put quotes and mitch's name when sending it so people aren't like 'huh??'
2010-12-28 22:18 dinaayoub
Long Live Mitch
This app made me laugh about five times in the first minute I had it. And it made me nostalgic for the Great Mitch Hedberg
2010-12-24 06:17 Commishbob44
The text is nice and all, but his delivery is what made his jokes really fun to hear. I wish it had sound clips, but it doesn't. Otherwise, if you just want the text, it certainly does it.
2010-12-24 08:34 sidran32
This guy isn't funny, its unfortunate that he is dead but there is no humor in his jokes, they are just really cheesy.
2010-12-24 09:10 Ratheus
Awesome! Mitch rocks! These are the phone jokes.
2010-12-24 09:16 DanielSKim
Not very funny ,I feel sorry for this guy,he tried,how r these jokes funny they don't make sense.
2010-12-24 14:11 studpepe
2010-12-24 18:39 Shoot2ill85
2010-12-24 19:59 initialdeez
Fantastic, thanks.
2010-12-24 20:22 taco peteee
Perfect quick jokes! I love it!
2010-12-25 07:38 Player618271595
funny very funny
2010-12-26 03:45 x OSOMO x
Simply awesome, great tribute dev!
2010-12-27 01:33 ErnieTheKid
Great app but the ability to post to fb would make it awesome!
2010-12-27 03:10 jcflan
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