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  • Freda is a free program for reading electronic books (ebooks) on Windows Phone. It reads EPUB (DRM-free), HTML and TXT format books. The program offers customisable controls, fonts and colours, plus annotations and bookmarks, and the ability to look up dictionary definitions and translations. Freda understands EPUB formatting information (bold/italic text, margins and alignment) and can display images and diagrams in books. Freda can get books from on-line catalogs like Feedbooks, Smashwords and the Gutenberg Project. Or if you have an existing book collection, you can use SkyDrive, DropBox or Calibre to share it with your phone. Freda can also download books from any website, using an in-application web-browser. You can download books and keep them on your phone, so you can carry on reading when you don't have network connectivity, and you can pin your favourite books to the Start page. The manual is at . New in v2.5: - Download books from SkyDrive - Keep as many books as you want on your phone - Assorted UI and usability improvements Quick Start: Flick left to see a bookshelf containing a list of classic books. To open one, tap the book title. You will see a screen with spinning dots. When the book is downloaded and ready for you to start reading, you will see the first page of the book. There is a page number indicator, "-/-" at the bottom of the page. Moving dots will remain on the screen during the scanning process (maybe for several minutes), but you can begin reading right away - tap the bottom of the page to begin reading. For more information, refer to the manual. [NOTE: this version, 'freda-chinese', is the same program as the 'freda' app on Marketplace, except that it includes support for reading Chinese books. The program is otherwise identical (but, because of the need to add Chinese font data, it is a much larger install)].
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  • 2011-01-07 20:16
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特别好的一款软件,跟dropbox的整合让阅读变得如此简单!不过界面更绚丽点就好啦,偶尔瞥见Android 上的ireader,那款软件漂亮
2012-03-01 14:44 wkyuok
除了有点慢,其它不错; 另外我加书仓的opds,不能正确显示书目。
2012-02-07 04:48 dolphinzhc
2011-12-18 14:31 Player939893140
good,but opens too slowly
2012-01-05 06:21 johnson9432
How to add a bookmark?
2011-08-18 11:36 Elence Yuan
2011-08-10 15:14 Gakaron
Read Chinese epub book is quite good. However, only one book can be added. When I add more than one book, own previous books changed to the last one. Really bad:(
2011-07-20 06:08 Player793538618
2011-07-12 09:14 yimingla
Useful to read my owned txt.
2011-04-25 09:53 Player819183897
2011-04-22 23:41 SincereShrift
Lame, right edge is cut
2011-04-23 00:17 Ripplin2010
2011-04-04 15:21 Treigle
It has a big problem that the line spacing is not Correct.
2011-02-17 14:00 CalvinDQ
Right edge is cut. Changing encoding cause loading a book forever.
2011-02-10 07:55 Prince of Kent
2011-02-09 16:56 lonelyls
Great app
2011-02-01 14:23 Ripplin2010
不知道能不能加上 PDF 的支援,以及強化 htm 檔案的相容性
2011-01-24 05:50 Jojo Lee 0821
Good Chinese support, dropbox integration is also very useful
2011-01-10 06:51 KingKongtz
Great app, thx for supporting Chinese, BTW how to download Chinese eBooks...
2011-01-09 09:42 tomqin
This is really nice
A wonderful epub reader. With combination of calib, it can be used to read any books in your library. Thanks a lot for the Chinese support.
2011-01-07 23:49 lyou89
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