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  • Take and view your document files, eBooks, and reference works everywhere you go. Now available for Windows Phone 7, iSilo is the most popular document and eBook reader and is available on more platforms than any other reader. View files in iSilo, Palm Doc, and plain text format. There are thousands of readily downloadable eBooks, both non-fiction and fiction, available, or you can create your own. Those in the medical field will appreciate the many medical reference works available from several publishers. iSilo is also used as the mobile platform for major religious works. Powerful document organization and configuration options make it work the way you want.
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  • 2010-10-12 20:04
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Laggy and crashes, but gets the job done.
2011-11-27 15:44 Jeeasper
Piece of Junk. Those who gave 5 stars are liars. I've used isilo for 6 years in many different platform. This is as bad as HP Touchpad version. Very slow and jerky and frequent crashes. I can't believe this is a paid app. Did they all lose their talented programmers or got plainly lazy recently? I see that they have done a wonderful job on ios and androids. I made a switch from android to windows phone. this app i use daily. What a let down. iSilo continues to disappoint me.
2011-11-04 14:38 RSG30G
Very useful...could be a bit smoother
2011-10-07 16:02 VolantPenguin
Laggy and crashes, but gets the job done.
2011-10-01 23:00 Jeeasper
2011-09-06 02:04 Player945242614
Not very impressed. Very choppy. Could use some more features. The bookmark tool should have context menus for edit or delete. Download control always reset to default location instead of remembering where I was last. I don't plan to keep it installed. Glad I only did the trial.
2011-08-14 19:35 bccable
Not very impressed. Very choppy. Could use some more features. The bookmark tool should have context menus for edit or delete. Download control always reset to default location instead of remembering where I was last. Not sure if I will pay for full version or not, depends on if I can find better.
2011-08-11 13:33 bccable
It's a piece of junk...
2011-05-06 03:36 Player337500195
2011-05-13 18:46 ronhezzy
I originally rated this at 5 stars but am lowering to 3 after using for quite awhile. Issues: 1 - Scrolling is choppy and sluggish. Attributing this to isilo since no other application does this on my Samsung focus. 2 - There should be a home button on the first pop up panel at the bottom. I don't like having to go through menus to navigate to a documents home page or index. 3 - Annotate feature is terrible. I have not been able to get it to work even one time. The from-to markers don't stick easily in the place you want. Before i can even get to the place of saving it the application crashes and throws me back to the windows home screen. ---- It is still useful for just basic reading of my documents, books and bibles but if I want to do anything serious or useful I will use isilo on my ipad.
2011-06-19 15:21 John Megert
I have been using isilo for 3 years now. This version on my wp7 is horrible. Choppy, slow to load books and sends me to live tile screen half the time. This must get fixed, isilo- you should be ashamed especially for how fast the wp7 phones are.
2011-07-12 16:53 turnleftordie
Not working in windows 7
2011-04-24 18:54 cesarrramos
Rough scrolling, very slow search capability, no highlighting option.
2011-04-20 02:12 Player410479594
Works good. Freezes a lot though
2011-04-14 00:23 Jedmankaboom18
Works good. Freezes a lot though
2011-04-12 16:55 Jedmankaboom18
Could be a little more smoothe in terms of scrolling but otherwise it works great for me.
2011-03-31 18:04 PhilJessy
Can't read local books
2011-03-28 02:14 xubochang
Painfully slow and cumbersome
This app is a major disappointment, because it has such great potential. There is a wealth of site with ebooks that it can read, but if you have more than even a small few, jumping between them takes as much as 30 seconds, sometimes even longer. And to make matters worse, the bookmarks you create can only be seen within a given document, so you can't jump straight from the library menus to any bookmark. And, as others have mentioned, scrolling through a book is very choppy. I really wanted to love iSilo, but it is just not useful to me in its present form.
2011-01-23 21:11 RoboDad
Needs more flow and smoothness.. Otherwise pretty good
2010-12-28 06:51 Player632828188
Not found a book yet that is new I can read on this. Even went to web site they suggest. Glad I tryed before buying but wish I not bought the book to read.
2010-12-24 22:08 Player668472417
Glad this program was released so quick, but it's not as smooth as I'd hoped. Also sometimes while annotating, the program closes. Could use some work but usable.
2010-12-18 02:09 greeksurfer
I have been using isilo for years, from ipaq/axim to winmo to ipad and now wp7. Their wp7 implementation is their best one to date. I use it to read the bible and many other documents I converted myself using isilox. Thanks for bringing this to wp7 so quickly. Great work.
2010-12-01 15:03 John Megert
just closes constantly
was hoping for a good ereader, but due to limited file types and more importantly it kept closing itself it is not usable...
2010-11-30 20:18 skotchny
I've been using iSilo on more devices than I can remember, spanning over a decade of time, starting from the Palm OS days. It's a classic that endures and keeps getting better.
2010-10-15 18:21 Magic89Gemini
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