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  • Developed by Hassan Seth We-Teach is a Windows Phone 7 application that aims to change the landscape of mobile learning. Users can easily access interactive lectures on a wide variety of topics using the easy-to-use interface. Lectures are categorized according to subject area and each lecture consists of a number of slides with the voice-over of a teacher explaining the lecture content. Automated tests are included with the lectures, which can be used by the users to evaluate whether they have understood the lecture content. This application will help shape the future of learning, in which remote users can learn, share, and teach- all with just a mobile device in their hands. The later version will also include support for users to create and share lectures using the web interface of the application.
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  • 2011-07-03 09:35
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Couldn't get it to work.
2011-07-04 02:36 GreyTony
2011-07-05 03:10 Chand17
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