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  • Home Expenses helps you keep track of your regular monthly, quarterly & yearly income and expenses. This is a great app for letting you know if you can afford that new phone contract, car finance or bigger mortgage - or maybe even cut back on a few things! Just enter details of the potential new payment to see how it will affect your finances. Home Expenses utilises the features of Metro to present a slick, responsive and uncluttered user interface that will integrate your phone theme colours for backgrounds and to highlight selected items. Features Summary: Multiple User Accounts - Manage your own income & expenses - Help your family manage their expenses - Password protect a User Account for confidentiality Multiple Bank Accounts Per User - Manage each of your bank accounts separately - Side by side overview of each accounts income & expenses via animated graphical data bars - Get a summary of how the income & expenses from all your accounts stack up Optionally Store Bank Details - Record your specific account details for future reference - Record your bank address and contact phone numbers which you can call at the tap of a button Payments Management - Keep track of income and expenses separately for each account - Categorise payments and add descriptions & notes - Set whether a payment is a monthly, quarterly or yearly fixture - Side by side overview of payments via animated graphical data bars - Choose the amount of payment detail you want to see in the side by side overview - Sort payments by value or other sub-category - Get a summary of all the current account income and expenses General features - Configure currency values for accounts & payments overviews to be shown in monthly, quarterly or yearly form via the ‘settings’ screen - Use the ‘backup & restore’ feature accessible from the home screen to create on-phone backups of your carefully entered data
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To confusing to much back and forth.
2012-03-29 02:50 Player529027007
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