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  • MarketLive for Windows Phone 7 delivers realtime stock quotes, charts, news, and Twitter tweets. FEATURES: MARKET OVERVIEW - Monitor market trend with latest information on equity indices, commodity, and currency. MARKET MOVERS - Get market data of most active stocks, gainers, and losers on NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX exchanges. WATCHLIST - Customize your watchlist to track stocks in real-time. CHARTS - View market trend from a variety of equity index and stock charts. COMMODITY and FOREX - View major commodity and currency price movement. TWITTER - Stay connected with MarketLive community users on investment ideas, tips, and news. STOCK DETAILS - Get real-time stock data details and various charts trend. NEWS - Read news that is moving the markets. STOCK SEARCH - Search by stock symbol or stock name.
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  • 2011-01-24 19:16
  • 2012-05-02 06:27
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No updates on commodities. Until an update or fix the bugs a waste of time!
2012-04-09 15:43 Player009001815
2011-02-24 18:10 Dhiraj Anand
The app does behaves well when the connection is not stable. It keeps prompting errors for everything I touch
2012-02-02 03:28 jodyho
Only app found so far with quotes that aren't delayed. Too bad refresh doesn't work!
2011-12-06 20:36 SL33PING d0g
needs more indexes
2011-04-16 21:52 wranzon
Lousy! Bad programming!
2011-04-14 11:00 Tenh Shiao Peng
Nice app only because of the commodity stuff. Only problem is the commodity market is global and it seems prices only update when the US market is open. Would be nice if there was a pure commodity app as stocks are for suckers and all will find out why by the end of the year when the suckers rally gets everyone who's in the stock market.
2011-04-11 00:22 SpunkMasterJ
Potential for the app. It is quick, but pretty thin. Needs simple candlestick charting or something of the sort.
2011-03-17 20:05 Oscellaris
2011-02-24 18:10 Player837851416
Too slow. Waited for a minute on WiFi. Nothing showing.
2011-02-16 15:02 LuciusF
Slow and without a visible progress indicator
2011-02-11 20:56 TablaRoll
I deal with alot of penny stocks and this app can not find my stocks I have. On the stocks that it does load I do like what it shows.
2011-02-10 04:09 HotBodKev
Great app.. It needs to give more settings options.. Otherwise works well..
2011-01-25 15:09 pradDIABLO
You have a nice app on the Apple store which I use, this app doesn't even gets data on the first page, content unavailable is the error I'm getting. Come WP is a better and easier to build apps for platafrm, put some effort in it
2011-01-26 13:13 ManagedGames
2011-01-25 03:57 Schultzycom
Nice, but sync is a bit slow. Adding a Live Tile feature would be even better.
2011-01-25 05:31 Twyndyllyngs
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