• moneyManager, one of the most widely used personal finance application on WP7, allows controlling and tracking inflows and outflows, customize and view reports and compare monthly expenditure, protect with a password in a few clicks. Features •Track your income and daily expenses •Personalize with your own Accounts, and categories for classification •View recent transactions and projected monthly savings •Excellent expense, accounts and category reports using sheets and pie charts •Customize your own reports •YTD, Monthly, Range based reports •Reports display only relevant data & ignores unused categories •Delete data with much ease •Protect your application from unauthorized usage with a secured PIN •Receive direct updates news from the publisher on request •Backup and restore data •Easy month & year - back & ahead navigation •Safe and secure •Receive live update feeds & news from publisher •140+ currencies support •Send feedback to the publisher •Inbuilt on-screen & general help Enhancements in PRO Version: •Exchange Rate Calculator •Multi-currency transactions •Transfer between 2 accounts •Daily transactions report •Category reports & analysis •Reports in Excel, PDF, CSV formats •Double-entry accounts •Account Statements & Balance Sheet (YTD) Note: Your data is stored on your mobile device and no personal data is sent to publisher via this application.
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  • Punit Ganshani
  • 2011-04-17 12:11
  • 2012-05-03 12:21
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Nice app
2011-06-21 18:33 LivingKingKong
2012-09-18 06:07 Player685214286
2011-07-17 03:04 Silicas
I want to give it 0 stars, but it refuses to allow me to give it the rating I want to. Plus every time you press something, it asks if you want to buy the PRO version. Which makes me REALLY not want to buy any App this guy writes. Back off on the extra strong sales tactics. It might be time to just uninstall.
2011-11-15 03:36 Player748828555
2011-11-01 02:28 Player980873520
2011-08-19 00:02 Player053236857
2011-07-17 03:04 Xenni
Love this app!
2011-07-15 05:24 Player619703983
Keeps telling me I haven't set my default currency. Funny thing is, it tells you that you never have to set it again!
2011-05-28 04:01 tiedyesox
Needs to have a option to delete accounts, specially the acc that came with the app, i want to put my own acc names
2011-05-07 18:25 HumcoR3931
Nice application thanks
2011-05-08 12:19 FixingMukesh
Overall is a nice app.i wonder if the app password protection can be more secure,because after i close the app,if I press the back button,it is on logined mode n no nid to re-login..for security purpose,it should ask for password again.
2011-05-10 14:32 Law Chow Kuan
NOT WORKING !!!!!!I downloaded twice, but after a couple days of have it, IT ALWAYS GIVE ME PROBLEMS, i will never get this app again....
2011-05-23 06:49 HumcoR3931
2011-05-29 17:36 Player408960390
Desperately needs a edit/modify acct amounts feature. Uninstalling.
2011-06-11 10:45 NoMoreHiding
2011-06-17 06:23 Player867654184
Great App!!! Improving with every update .
2011-06-18 16:36 Prateek9us
Nice app
2011-06-21 18:33 Player956854468
Just Great!
2011-06-23 00:11 Pachi Salguero
2011-06-24 02:19 ByCream
2011-06-24 08:30 Michaelna2000
Editing option is quite weak
2011-06-25 14:14 rumki17
Great app, expecting more :-)
2011-07-07 03:00 slolam
Nice n good to use. Date format is not compatible with win phone's date format. There should be option to edit the entered expense.
2011-07-10 18:53 Player429605052
Overall good app. but it needs some improvements like: Ability to delete accounts. Ability to edit any previous entry instead of deleting then reenter again. Keep typed words even with locked screen. Change the icon to a new stylist one that goes with wp7. Ability to export in PDF or doc to be printed. But I am happy with it.
2011-04-29 14:12 PiRLOoo
Entries cannot be modified or deleted. Beats the whole purpose of having this app.
2011-04-29 20:19 SholokovJ
Pure hassle! Takes several attempts to save settings. Never was able to figure out how to delete/modify accts or expenses. App boots back to system when the user runs reports. Very good intention, but needs alot of work. If all recommendations are implemented, it would be worth paying a fee. In it's current version, this app is not worth the time it takes to install.
2011-04-30 17:10 Player950349025
Good app!
2011-04-26 04:34 basquang
Can't delete , lag, slow ฯลฯ
2011-04-26 16:28 iNViTiON
Can't delete entries and when phone darkens or w.e everything u typed in is lost, not worth it.
2011-04-25 21:47 GhostZero13
Its not an intuitive app, and not easy to use
2011-04-21 01:37 FranquitoCoco
2011-04-20 21:08 Smirk Dlanor
Has anyone figured out how to delete entries?
2011-04-21 06:21 PrinceofRussia
It's very useful, what you waiting for.
2011-04-17 15:25 innescd
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