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  • MyTrainLog - your personal training assisting system. Now you are able to get your training goals on track. MyTrainLog supports you during your workout sessions via providing you with all the data necessary. You could write down notes while you do your workout and document your training perfectly. Planing complex workout schemas is not a problem anymore. Advanced statistics options show you where you are going with your training. You can add/change exercises, give individual notes and setup instructions for each exercise and combine them to complex workout plans. Edit and customize your workout plans with different weight and rep settings for each exercise. Additional remarks could be given to help you finish your workout and each exercise. A resting timer is helping you to get the correct timing inside your workout session between sets. Graphical statistics will create some insight into your workouts to understand if you are going into the right direction. New in 1.0.6: Possibility to backup your data to your PC.
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Pretty useless
I tried this app because I needed to keep track of my excercises. I go to the gym at least 5 times a week and constantly forget how much weight I should be lifting with which excercise. I was using a spreadsheet and editing it on the phone was a bit of a pain so I decided to look for other options. This app is a nightmare to use, it kept constantly crashing and the calculators and "advanced statistics" are pretty useless. I'd be ashamed to put this out for free.
2010-10-26 22:56 mkosiba
2010-10-19 05:35 Zoctan
A very sad waste of money. I could write a really long list of poor implementations but I'll just stick with the generals. Not user oriented. App features badly integrated with each other. Makes me thing that whoever wrote it has never been to the gym. The way data has to be entered and organized requires a lot of 'clicks', no keyboard support for weight entry, need to go back and forth several times on a single task. No control over chronometer start or ending. Workout history is hard to get and hard to understand. Workout categories (muscles) are missing. Once data is entered is very difficult to edit. I relly feel like this app should be removed from the marketplace. Its an offense to the community and a to the consumer priced at 5 dollars. No update can fix this.
2010-11-19 13:48 Warkef
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