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  • Climbing the Munros, the Seven Summits, or the Colorado Fourteeners? Or perhaps you're just climbing stuff and have no idea that you're actually halfway through the New Hampshire 4000ers, or the Austrian state highpoints, or the fifty most prominent peaks in Europe. Peak Bagger is your new best friend. Peak Bagger provides a mobile interface to which, since 1996, has been the place for high-pointers and summit collectors to catalog their successes and, erm, learning experiences. Record your ascents in the 40,000-peak database, and track your progress through many hundreds of established peak and range lists. Bag summits, compare your history to others and even write a trip report - while you're still on the hill! At least, until your hands get too cold. Peak Bagger even works offline because, really, who wants to be anywhere near a data connection?
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  • 2011-04-15 11:00
  • 2012-05-03 11:38
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2011-10-02 20:01 ledfoot577
2011-07-31 02:09 Bonus Mop
2011-05-07 19:47 RyanCMcMinn
Awesome app! Very impressed with the size of the database.
2011-06-02 14:57 Gibrun
Really good app. Works as expected. Perfect way to find peaks close by when you are traveling.
2011-06-13 02:10 aN0th3r id10t
2011-06-16 05:56 Gr8fulDead
Awesome, great interface, visually appealing, very useful if you enjoy keeping track of your summits.
2011-04-20 15:16 RichDr
Nice App!
I like climbing and hiking around the Cascades but I'll say it does sometimes feel a little boring. This app is great because now I have some incentive to try and track my hikes and climbs. The layout's great, and the really nice part is that it shows you progress on lists you might not have even known you were doing.
2011-04-16 00:35 MidnightFrog
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