• RunSat Free GPS Sports Tracker helps you track and share your runs, bikes, skates, walks and more. The app includes: - multiple sports - manual and auto lap functionality - auto pause - live map display of your track - integrated diary - share your track online
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Best one I found on WP7...
2012-04-22 10:56 HoweverExultant
2012-04-13 20:18 RashmiRathi
I love this app. Works great. The only reason it isn't a 5 star is cause I can't play music while running. If I was able to do music and run this app I would buy the regular version.
2012-04-17 01:26 volcomkid1987
2012-04-01 01:54 Clawdahill
2011-01-31 21:03 eFuglenOld
Great app ilove running great for training
2012-03-24 23:38 Player639764598
Nice and useful app but absence of multi task is killin me, i dream to use redio and this app simultaneously ,but thanks for you great efforts !!
2011-02-23 17:25 kerushka
2011-07-12 14:50 HonestPseudonym
This is great works well for me and I hope it works the same for you
2012-03-14 15:03 Player757692283
nice app
2012-03-05 17:30 panlor
Add option to switch maps to aerial view, allow users to access other apps without ending the current walk/run
2012-02-02 02:41 cccuaresma1
Great free app. Meets my need. Uncomplicated. :-)
2012-01-03 23:54 Player361187486
2012-01-04 01:31 Augustus MM
2011-11-14 04:38 gibraltar joe
Would be great if it had the option to change the units (its default is km) and supported multitasking. If you get a call or text mid-run it shouldn't just stop logging your run. Love the map feature but it can be improved, what's up with the limited zooming?
2011-11-06 21:33 superagentneo
Excellent app, I have a paper route and I use this all the time to track where I've been, but I do have 1 request, can the GPS data be made more accurate to see exactly where I've been cuz it tends to zig zag as I go sometimes crossing into streets I didn't travel on -OR- make it less accurate so just the street gets highlighted unless I take a dramatic turn off it
2011-10-30 06:52 ShadowSpeedy7
Very handy application. I have but one request, after updating Mango in my country disappears :-( . Can I ask for a permit application in the Czech Republic ? Thank you very much and excuse my very bad English :-(
2011-10-24 09:30 Player676378869
Works right out the box w/o having to register anything. Make sure you adjust the simple settings to suit you best. Though it didn't show altitude it showed me my hike up Camelback Mtn. in Scottsdale, Az. Works very well, thank you :)
2011-09-09 14:39 ResidentJMizzle
Nice tools
2011-09-02 15:12 MasterBlasterJa
2011-08-18 22:15 SaruZR
2011-05-06 23:18 Player678751683
Great, ta..
2011-05-07 01:08 Yemnee
2011-05-14 03:04 npippen11
Nice app, never had a problem with it, & best of all, it's free!!!!
2011-05-23 02:41 Dynell Bonner
Distances and time are way off. I had a lock of about 6m and distance from runsat was 2.7 miles when the posted trail length was 1.7
2011-06-02 16:08 blue racer
2011-06-02 17:31 immabjam
Good App!
Worked really good for me. I thought it was only in kilometers until I did a little looking.. Fairly accurate and reliable
2011-06-15 02:39 JustWar88
If your in great GPS area it works, otherwise forget it.
2011-06-17 18:27 Jesterbelle
Runkeeper is free and far superior.
2011-07-05 14:20 Magnemmar
While you are Running your phone will go to sleep mode and you lose your run log.
2011-07-06 00:55 allnya
2011-07-06 16:47 Player028464434
2011-07-12 14:50 Player184731472
Nice simple app. Great online integration, but website looks ugly&outdated :-P
2011-04-28 19:53 tikizm
So far the best free GPS tracker! No complaints. **Edit- This app is so good, I bought the full version for support! Endomondo doesn't work under the lock screen. Online integration is superb.
2011-04-24 15:52 NumbFingerz2524
Distance and time are waayyy off but map function is good.
2011-04-13 23:10 Player156765699
2011-04-14 05:01 YarivBT
GPS signal sometimes takes a minute to lock, but overall the app performs well. Steer clear of Runkeeper, try RunSat and Endomondo to see which suits your style better
2011-04-06 20:09 PunctuationMark
Works Great
Must have app for anyone who enjoys running but has no sense of how far they have gone without running on a premarked trail. This is probably one of the most used apps on my phone other than Netflix. Always acquires signal in under 30 seconds and tracks accurately where i run. Haven't used it for anything other than running but it works great for running.
2011-03-25 23:54 xRTDx Mudd
2011-03-25 05:43 Hal9000 v2010
2011-03-25 06:06 DisdainfulMoose
I am not impressed. I tried this on a half mile track and it was way off on my speed and distance.
2011-03-16 20:44 Player755069276
Fails to compete with Runkeeper.
2011-03-18 04:13 Universal Truth
This is an awesome App.
2011-03-14 22:45 mikesmith77
Simply great! I use this one to log my bicycle tours and it works perfect!
2011-03-12 17:46 Player885420138
Used to love this app but for the last week or so it has been behaving oddly. It takes forever to get a lock and when it does it loses in a few minutes... And that during clear weather and different American cities..
2011-03-12 17:54 usacic
Worth Upgrading to Paid Version
I've used the free version for several weeks and have found it to be a great workout companion. The website provides some great statistics so make sure you check it out too. I went ahead and upgraded to the paid version to help support the developers and encourage future updates. It's definitely worth supporting!
2011-03-09 15:02 DAFODIL
Everything freezes when I try to turn on auto pause, but otherwise solid
2011-03-03 23:36 katers322
Very nice! Now running is fun!
2011-02-28 06:49 xizhabox
This is a great app for the runners and walkers. Its very accurate. The greatest feature is it maps out you running route foe you on Bing maps! A really neat feature that is useful for viewing and changing your routes up. Highly recommend.
2011-02-28 14:32 mahoganyclear4
Nice and useful app but absence of multi task is killin me, i dream to use redio and this app simultaneously ,but thanks for you great efforts !!
2011-02-23 17:25 Player511679036
2011-02-22 21:39 crdowning
For free is ok, I would get marathon instead
2011-02-22 22:22 newpop1
2011-02-19 13:04 Pankaj2206
2011-02-20 19:49 jamccart
So far the best free GPS tracker! No complaints.
2011-02-18 06:08 NumbFingerz2524
Works well. Mapping very accurate.
2011-02-14 00:02 Evolved Liberal
Absolutely awesome app, and the price is right. The one thing that bit me initially was the fact that the run module defaults to Kilometers instead of Miles, which left me wondering why my run speed was so much better (it turns out it wasn't ;).
2011-02-14 18:02 The Earp Family
Very nicely put together app. :D
2011-02-11 05:08 Gr8Gatsby
Great app, accurate and easy to use. It would be cool if it showed calories expended, but still great without it
2011-02-09 01:22 cvatlas23
Works great 4 run. I purchased. You can manually add to web by clicking ADD then DIRECT.
2011-02-07 15:40 stack10
2011-01-31 21:03 eFuglen
2011-01-21 00:49 lelopi1966
2011-01-17 22:45 JoJoTheBear79
2011-01-16 09:58 C 420 MR
So far so good. Can't tell the difference between the free version and the paid one.
2011-01-11 06:08 esaul22
Works great!
2011-01-10 00:52 rutkowk
Works great, love the mapping, now I walk the dog all over the place just to see how far we go and to have fun with the mapping
2011-01-10 18:23 MEATBALL266
Coolest app, love the mapping, nice one. Thanks
2011-01-05 16:06 simonloco
Please add manual entry for treadmill use
2011-01-02 20:22 Feeni
Settings don't allow for weight for calories estimation.
2010-12-29 16:33 WarMaster Bruce
Great app. Live tracking would be a plus. What is the difference between the free and not free versions?
2010-12-29 02:33 Tian2Ten
2010-12-26 21:16 roblobster01
Works great! I wish there was a calorie burning function to tell you how much you burned during a walk/run.
2010-12-27 00:53 ElfinMistery
Good app, use it everyday
2010-12-22 18:14 Steven0629
Needs expansion, but a pretty nifty start....
2010-12-21 22:02 Spartan9x13
Awesome. I wish it showed altitudes though
2010-12-16 07:30 moo369
Great app... Only 2 things I can think of is that the app should show laps on the map with pointers or a different colour. Also would be great to have a calculator that counts down how far you want to run and in what time vs the distance remaining.
2010-12-15 13:02 UberNathann
Tried abroad recently. I only had WI-FI in the hotel and no data roaming. The app had cached the images of nearby maps. That was very useful.
2010-12-13 05:05 Lucky
2010-12-11 03:09 LovelyBo
Works great
2010-12-11 04:42 falteringglobex
Works great. Agree with earlier reviewer that a live update would be great, but that's just a nice to have feature. Works great for the tracking I need.
2010-12-08 21:28 Wilbo32
2010-12-06 00:09 completeass
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