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  • RunSat GPS Sports Tracker allows you to track and share your runs, bikes, skates, walks and more. The app includes: - multiple sports - manual and auto lap functionality - auto pause - live map display of your track - integrated diary - share your track online
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Love this app! Upgraded from the free to pay version.
2011-12-29 03:59 TwistyTwist
You should allow the app to keep running after leaving the app sometimes you need to switch to other app and stops tracking your progress
2011-10-16 13:46 Juanherndz
Good buts needs Mango upgrade
ould be nice if it didn't pause every time I switched to phone or another app. Other then that program is great.
2011-10-15 23:09 JScholl24
Pretty good.
2011-09-06 11:43 Player928570056
Works great for tracking our daily hikes. Much easier and cleaner than other GPS apps.
2011-08-09 17:18 ValiantSeven
I used the free version for weeks and I've been very happy. So, i decided to purchase the application. But i"m very disappointed because none of my records of the free version are migrated to the pay version.... Now I'm forced to keep both versions :(. That's why I give 3 stars instead of 5. Otherwise it works great. I wish i could send my position to friends if something happens (i.e. Flat tire, accident, ...)
2011-08-06 14:09 Player820666601
Very poor. Had issues getting GPS fixes.
2011-08-06 00:30 old bubba
Accurate and consistent. Hate the pause though if you switch to another app while working out. Will Mango fix this?
2011-07-21 16:00 Bucci Family
Great app
2011-05-09 00:32 Tox256
2011-05-18 17:13 Zunyx
This app works great. It does everything. The sweetest feature is the upload to the web site where a ton of stats and etc are visible. -1 star because the web site although functional is clunky and not fully polished (for example the time zone is never recorded right so my rides show up in the middle of the night when they were actually during the day).
2011-05-25 03:57 Lukaze
Best app of this type currently available
Tried most of the other apps. This one is the most transparent if a GPS signal is not available, but it seems to be more rare with this app than the others. Never had it fail on me during a run, the numbers always seem to be accurate, and the upload is smooth. UI is simple and easy to use, not over-done and the website is highly functional (love the analytics) if not the most aesthetically pleasing.
2011-06-03 20:15 jarrardenator
2011-06-05 17:08 HelloFargo
If I run this app with Zune music the music lags and stops and then runsat closes and stops recording my run. How do I run this app while listening to music?
2011-06-12 11:04 Mr Tommi Salami
It worked well for a couple of weeks, but now it shuts down unexpectedly. Solution was to turn off wi-fi. Works well now.
2011-06-26 17:03 ironwoodsg
It's a great app, but it isn't working very well since the nodo update. I'm hoping for a program update.
2011-04-30 16:17 ironwoodsg
Great app!!!;-)
2011-04-20 16:43 Seleta
2011-04-17 11:27 RkGroot
The first app that I've ever purchased, and I think it was well worth buying. Would like to be able to use other phone functions without having the app stop accumulating data.
2011-04-12 00:46 W Terry Lee
This is a wonderful app. Very useful and the website the app feeds data to is interesting. I did lose app data migrating from the free version to the supported version, but the info is still on the website.
2011-04-13 04:15 MollyGringo
2011-04-09 02:24 tribbs2007
Please allow manual input for indoor exercise.
2011-04-09 22:20 Odinward
Works great, easy to read display while running and nice map of the route.
2011-04-07 19:46 oclvtrek
2011-03-26 16:07 tfmktm10
Great running app!
I've been using the free version for awhile now and have really enjoyed it. It's a great app and worth upgrading to the paid version to support the developrs and encourage future updates.
2011-03-09 15:00 DAFODIL
Nice App
After using for a while, I've found the app to be accurate and reliable. It is well worth the cost.
2011-02-17 02:02 Grog337
Just what I need to measure the distance of my daily jog. Keeps a diary too. Easily worth the cost.
2011-02-17 06:24 FETUSofNIKITAS
2011-02-14 00:04 Evolved Liberal
best running app
This is the best running app out there, easy to use and accurate
2011-01-22 00:33 Type0negtive
Good app... Would b good to calculate calories, not freeze when switching on auto pause and provide altitude on runs otherwise great
2011-01-05 14:04 UberNathann
Overall I like this app and its GPS and mapping function. What is frustrating is you can't use the phone/apps while this is running. For example, if you start your Zune then this app it works fine. Reverse order and it pauses your workout. Would love to see that fixed.
2010-12-13 00:47 SteinDolan
Great tie-in with open/free website, works smooth and accurate. Wish it calculated calories, but still well worth a couple bucks to support great development!
2010-12-11 21:28 edwardrkay
Tried out the free version this weekend and liked it enough to buy it! Simple to use with just the right set of features. Recommended.
2010-12-06 17:45 Awkward Swine
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