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  • SportsTrainer allows you to record your training sessions and analyze them. It’s ideal for: • Cycling • Running • Walking • Etc. You can manage your sessions in an easy to use interface, see the real-time progress or analyze a session on a map (with road and aerial view) and view session statistics. It calculates how many calories you burned during your training sessions, based on your weight. It works in miles (American/Imperial system) and kilometers (metric system). It collects the following data points: • Position (latitude and longitude) • Altitude • Speed • Session distance and time The application runs under the lock screen, so your sessions will continue to be recorded even after the lock screen is engaged.
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  • Pienescu
  • 2010-12-23 03:31
  • 2012-02-12 06:15
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had to revise my rating. you have to select the record you want to edit or delete by touching. When the dot appears by the record you can edit or delete. Also, I found that it is more reliable if you wait for the map to appear and then lock the phone till you are done with your exercise session. It works great for me now that I've figured it out.
2011-11-23 03:24 Bruce Jacobson
Edit & delete don"t work. Wish it would recall maps.
2011-09-10 10:44 Bruce Jacobson
2011-07-21 02:58 SlicknSly
Never connects to the server to track me properly
2011-06-07 18:21 chrisxwolf12
Not good, time is inaccurate, mileage is incorrect, and in unreliable.
2011-07-02 15:20 MKMel
Great if you looking for the basics. No map tho.
2011-03-12 07:05 Bassadien
Works great so far. I have done a couple rides with it now, and the results look accurate.
2011-01-16 01:52 AVB 6
Good app. Keeps track of my biking session and it's nice to see them on map. Would be nice to see the calories burned.
2010-12-25 19:54 Player745795541
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