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  • Rediscover the road and get the same stats you enjoy in the GYM on any road you like. Keep track of your speed, pace, distance and see how many calories you’re burning whenever you work out. After you complete an activity it's stored on your phone. So if you want to see what you did last month, it's there. See where you went, how many calories you burned and how fast you did it. Training Buddy includes: - Calorie calculations - Live map of your route - Track your speed, pace and distance - Pause and resume - Complete history of your training including a map of the route you took - Stats measured in miles and kilometres - Theme recognition so Training Buddy looks like the rest of your phone For more information please visit
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  • Natim
  • 2011-05-04 01:47
  • 2012-02-09 04:42
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Keeps shutting off on me!!!!
2012-01-21 16:20 Player339617210
2011-07-31 05:46 Player697980389
Love this application
2011-05-12 22:52 Player650936393
Does not show history after a while.
2011-05-30 05:32 Player795162305
Tried it out but after a 6 mile run it said I had run 19 miles and the map was all over the place. I'm in an area with decent GPS reception but it just wasn't accurate. HTC HD7s
2011-06-11 15:43 CaptRob1
Very inaccurate and can't run in the background. Nice interface and has potential.
2011-06-14 03:10 Forteetwo
Flaky in v 1. Hopefully be better in future.
2011-06-14 11:21 kavii
Not many features. Didn't even want to try it on an actual run.
2011-06-24 20:23 Recondite
The free version doesn't allow you to sync. Smart, because that's were they fall short. Btw, other than that, the app works.
2011-06-27 08:41 winniv
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