Mmm Beer

  • Keep track of what beers you are drinking along with the ability to rate and keep personal notes about them. Utilizing the power of, you can search your favorite beers and then check them in so your friends can see what you are drinking! v1.5 - Added untappd profile page which shows users avatar, name and location along with checkin stats and achieved badges v1.4 updates (WP7.5 ONLY) - Added support for WP7.5 fast app switching - Fixed issue with personal notes not loading - Fixed issue with venue search crashing v1.3 updates - Redesigned beer details page to show untappd quick ratings along with a link to search page. Advanced rating has been moved to the personal notes page - Added the ability to submit a quick rating to untappd with a checkin - Minor change to how the checkin venue is saved between checkins - Added trial mode with limited functionality (no linking to untappd, or checkins) v1.2 Updates: - Fixed crashing issue in feed when a user doesn't have a last name in their untappd profile v1.1 Updates: - Minor performance optimazations - Added check-in details screen with ability to view and add comments to a check-in - Added predictive text to all textboxes - Added Gowolla support on check-ins - Location checkins now remember last location - Added support for enter key on beer and venue search text boxes
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  • Josh Schlesinger
  • 2011-05-25 03:46
  • 2012-04-26 21:58
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Very cool idea! Thanks for bringing this to Windows Phone!
2012-10-22 05:55 mKEvanZ
2012-09-30 00:31 firethief21
2012-08-26 22:05 Player660117512
Add barcode scanner for beers (or label recognition and I'll give it 5)
2012-08-15 04:21 MellowBebbo
2012-08-14 01:57 orangealert31
2012-07-13 04:01 AM16153
2012-07-16 00:39 xbessa
2012-05-08 04:55 Bosto Irish
2012-04-20 23:22 TogaedGorgon56
Great app, but needs an update and more features such as adding friend, approving friend request, pulling in beeradvocate info without clicking a million links, etc etc.
2012-04-23 02:08 R0NIN GAMER
Good Beer Tracker
I found this better to use than the limited support Untappd gives with their web interface and the addition of profile and badge info is appreciated. Not sure if in a later release there's a way to enable the ability to attach photos with your checkin.
2012-04-12 23:36 Wulfspirit
Works well, but needs to be able to view photos from others' checkins. The beer buzz screen is a cool idea. Also, I might be missing it, but is there a way to toast someone's check-in? I can't believe that wouldn't be there.
2012-04-18 11:21 nguarracino
2012-01-22 02:47 StephanieBird
2011-12-31 03:26 Captain Knievel
This is a great beer app, I just wish you could add more than 48 beers to your favorites. Maybe an update will fix this.
2012-01-13 14:51 RagingAlc0h0lic
2011-12-04 02:06 jasuffi
Lost my ratings and doesn't share info with untapped. Not very useful.
2011-12-07 18:02 Daedalus 9
Finally, a great beer app for this phone!!
2011-10-22 05:29 RagingAlc0h0lic
2011-09-28 03:28 kasrhp
Its a good app to access untappd which doesn't work in the premango browser
2011-08-19 23:46 YohoAT
2011-05-25 14:39 CrazyLlama
Nice companion to Untappd. It needs the ability to rate beers on untappd and it needs predictive text for the inputs. Good v1 software.
2011-06-12 00:05 NetRAH
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