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  • Access your wine cellar from anywhere with drink it! This application allows you to view wine logged into CellarTracker while on the go. With this application you can view and search all wine in your cellar stored on You can determine which bottles should stored longer in your cellar and which bottles should be consumed. You have access to wine information, including community tasting notes, varietal and locale notes and descriptions, labels, ratings. You can also remove bottles from your wine cellar as you consume them, all from your mobile phone! Upcoming features (v2.0): - Offline support for when cellular service is not available - Barcode scanning support including UPC and CellarTracker barcodes - Better search support Features require a CellarTracker account. You can either use an existing CellarTracker account, create a new one from within the application, or create one on In v1.0, you will need to access to add new wine to your cellar. **** What's New v1.3: - Improved support for CellarTracker UI Languages - Added the ability to upload a new wine label snapshot using the camera - Bug fixes
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  • 2010-12-09 00:46
  • 2011-05-04 14:37
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Needs some work on the UI and needs reports. The mobile version of the web app is still better so far.
2011-02-26 15:01 GundoDad
This is a great first draft. I would pay for the app if it had some reporting and sorting features. Also to needs to be a smooth app. The use of metro is nice but needs just a little more. Great first version.....
2011-01-14 02:42 GundoDad
Needs some work on the UI and needs reports. Works well though.
2011-01-14 04:30 GundoDad
does not work at all
When trying to login to Cellar Tracker service, the app comes back with "IndexOutOfRangeException". Obviously then you can do nothing with the app:-( Waiting for an update making the app working
2011-01-10 16:26 petercer
Crashes on search
2011-01-09 07:36 JungelJon
The update fixed my problem and the app is now working for me. Once I find more time to play with the app I'll give a more detailed review.
2011-01-03 17:18 Murphy Dog
Doesn't work. Installed the app, entered my cellar tracker account, it seems like it connected and nothing from my cellar shows up. Not even a search for a bottle I know I have works. Can't find any contact information for the publisher.
2010-12-18 19:10 Murphy Dog
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