An easy BPM recorder app

  • UPDATE v.1.2 ===================== After another suggestion, some functionality was added to allow for users to label their individual readings, detailing the type (Normal, Active, Rested) and this has been implemented along with a graphical update to the bar chart under statistics. DESCRIPTION ===================== Heartbeater is an easy beats-per-minute record application; a usable tap interface is used to collect pulse data to be displayed and changes easily tracked over time! Use it to check your pulse after a run, work out what your lowest rest pulse has is, if you have hit your desired fitness beats-per-minute, or just to check! Heartbeater is easy to use, so give it a try : ) Features: * Easy to use interface - recording your heartbeat is as easy as tapping your finger and takes only seconds * Automated Records - no need to worry about writing down results or multiplying numbers, it's all done for you * Diagrams and Tracking - working out if your pulse is going up or down is easy, with diagrams and total overview of all your results * Quick and Easy - this application is no more complicated than it needs to be, a quick heartbeat recording session can be done in less than a minute Any feedback is greatly appreciated! OLD UPDATES ************************ UPDATE v.1.1 ===================== Feedback suggested that the interface for the application should provide help for how to use the application. Bearing that in mind the application mainpage was updated with a new "How To Use" page : )
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very wrong. This app doesn't work.
2012-04-14 22:37 RAGE x LEVITATE
Its kinda stupid. Sorry I downloaded it Idk how to remove apps from my phone. Lol
2012-09-17 06:32 SoppiestOak28
very wrong. This app doesn't work.
2012-04-14 22:37 KSI BeastGirl
very wrong. This app doesn't work.
2012-04-14 22:37 Beastgirl05
It doesn't work
2012-03-29 06:11 tanjapanja
I don't get it. It doesn't do anything.
2011-03-27 22:36 BlackSheeptwo
Simple, easy to use, and records the readings in a nice way
2011-12-30 23:51 timanthony08
Completely inaccurate results. Always registers 8-10 BPM higher than my actual heart rate.
2011-10-14 08:47 RoboDad
Could never get it to register anything., poor directions.
2011-10-04 01:37 WStCharles
Worst app ever
2011-09-28 08:17 doufuxixi
2011-09-16 18:51 CQUICK01
2011-06-05 22:00 Player588630290
I found this to be easy to use and perfect for storing a week's worth of heart rate checks throughout the day. This helped me get a handle on my resting heart rate and range of rates during different activities. Feature request, option to email the stored data to yourself (don't even care what format).
2011-06-10 05:58 genericBiscuit
Touch the screen every time you feel a heartbeat, and it calculates bpm, storing the results.
2011-03-31 11:27 tsalakis
I don't get it. It doesn't do anything.
2011-03-27 22:36 DownwindFan9
2011-03-28 03:35 fourxtech
2011-03-29 01:42 hipeterlim
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