Mobile First Aid

  • According to a recent study (Gray, 2008) there are abount 1.8 mobile phones per person around the world. Since everyone of us can find himself in the need to give some first aid assistance to someone injured, it is simple to merge these two data and say "why don't give these people a first aid application to be installed on their mobile phones." Nothing particularly new here, but if you give it a further and deeper look, you will find Mobile First Aid to be not the ordinary list of TODO's in case of emergency or just a simple book you can scroll through. Mobile First Aid is developed to give anyone the tools and knowledge to perform the right thing, no matter what are your skills. Features: * Easy to use and no medical skills required * Basic Life Support (BLS) algorithm compliant with European Resuscitation Council guidelines * User localization with street address (where available) * Built-int First Aid manual * 100% Free What's new: v. 1.2: * Fixed down arrow's wrong label in "Breathing" section of BLS page. * Added 111 and 999 emergency numbers * Fixed misspellings errors in english version * Removed unused resources v. 1.1: * Fixed some bugs * Improved application response
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  • 2011-05-21 07:48
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Kinda useful I guess... Mostly just weird can't rlly explain it...
2011-12-07 17:05 yourpimp316
Not to bad of an app. Has the basic information for anyone who may need it. The English wasn't too bad considering the app was never intended to be in English. Overall this app is better than the other first aid apps out there. Though an improved interface would be nice.. Not that it was hard to navigate...
2011-10-19 00:13 supercoppermix
Vary good app case of emergency
2011-08-26 14:24 BXTRUCKER420
Poor English and bad navigation. This app makes you think that you will get a virus from it, or someone will end up stealing your information.
2011-08-09 17:31 RussFrisby
2011-07-26 16:29 Player836343945
2011-05-21 22:56 Player060804991
2011-05-21 23:45 PiRLOoo
In the clear the airways screen, you choices for "does he breath?" are "no" and "no"....
2011-05-22 01:23 Player442814164
2011-05-22 06:53 Pulakification
Very good
2011-05-22 13:56 liuzhu2711
Nicely done. A few minor bugs that aren't critical and I'm sure will be fixed eventually in an update
2011-05-23 03:19 Kentc
Great application for those not certified in BLS. As a certified first responder, it didn't really provide the information in a useful manner. It is instead catered to those completely ignorant of BLS. Spelling errors are present and the CPR rate stays on after you leave the CPR section.
2011-05-23 12:36 TheFuriosityX
Needs a more refined UI
2011-05-25 21:38 MarcoEnxuto
Very nice app to have in case of emergency.
2011-05-26 14:38 xTomei
2011-06-11 19:51 ayasi
Great. Would be five star ( easily ) if the UI was refined.
2011-06-19 05:50 Player595542070
Navigation is confusing and English is bad... This is a great idea, but it was poorly implemented...
2011-07-06 16:17 Player581752671
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