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  • ** OUR APP IS THE ONLY AWARD WINNING SLEEP APP FROM MICROSOFT ** New Features In Version 4.0 -------------------------------- Your Favorite App Is Even Better Now. Added 16 More Popular Sounds in Latest Update. Beautiful Panaroma Background Added. (In order to receive this update, you need to upgrade to Mango OS 7.5, visit for details) My Sleep App provides clinically proven and doctors recommended way to get better sleep. My Sleep is a must have App if you or any of the family members have problem getting good sleep. App is also available in German,French,Italian and Spanish. Here’s what Microsoft has to say about our app.. ”We received many applications, but yours stood out as a great example of how Health and Life Sciences organizations can leverage the Windows Phone platform to develop and deliver mobile applications that fit the way people aspire to work and live.”. This app can be invaluable tool when you are at home or away from home. It is very common for a person to not be able to fall asleep due to various reasons. White noise and various soft noises have been proven to help relax yourself and fall asleep. Try one or more sound effects included in the app and see the results yourself. My Sleep App allows you to change the sound duration so app will automatically stop playing sound after certain duration. App also have handy list of the better sleep tips to create better life style.
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  • Dhiren Vyas
  • 2011-04-06 06:19
  • 2012-05-03 09:42
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Great app but volume control doesn't work on my HD7. 5 stars if that gets fixed. I need my sleep sounds soft but my alarm in the morning louder.
2012-07-31 21:24 gennwins
I did not like this app that much the sounds did not play that long but if they did I would have liked it more
2011-12-21 09:17 FancyLil mommy
The loops were too short
2012-01-10 02:41 mcintoby
I like the app, but the sounds could be improved. When the audio loops back to the beginning, it should be seamless. Five stars if the developers fix this!
2011-12-03 02:24 colleenyoga
Very nice. Update fixed this app silencing with my phone lock. I love this app. Add more sounds please! Crickets, owls, wolves, wind chimes etc. For location maybe Desert, tundra, grassy and windy plains. And even some people like bustling city noise like car alarms and subways thundering behind police sirens. Just a suggestion =) great app!
2011-10-22 07:46 FleshyCannibal
2011-10-15 05:05 Player445021577
Awesome app..
2011-10-14 02:36 Player436209163
Works like charm..!!
2011-10-14 03:50 DonnaCali66
Like this.
2011-06-16 18:51 xizhabox
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