Period 2

Period Ovulation Tracker

  • Tracking your menstrual cycle has never been easier. Simply enter the first day of your last period and the calendar will track for you: - The dates of your next periods - Your ovulation days With a simple touch, flip through the upcoming months to schedule your next holiday at the beach or plan for pregnancy. You can select: - the period duration - the cycle duration Check quickly when to have unprotected sex whether you are trying to have a baby or avoid pregnancy. You will know your ovulation date so you can choose safely to have intercourse without protection: - around the ovulation date if you are trying to get pregnant - away from the ovulation date if you are avoiding having a baby Protect your privacy by password.
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  • 2011-04-29 19:00
  • 2012-04-21 01:35
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I like it except it would be better if you could add when ur problems w app
2011-06-10 10:56 screwloosejr
It sucks
2011-08-09 14:06 Angelintheair04
Handy tool for busy women... Now i can plan trips protected...
2012-01-27 17:43 Player699021285
Its okay, app, - happy period lite is better, keeps records of everythin, last months, keeps track of wen ur intimate, tells u wen ur fertile and ovulating.
2011-10-23 19:03 Player987470112
Its ok, don't like that when your early it changes all the previous recorded dates.
2011-10-03 18:32 FlawlessBride
Love this application right on point and I found out I'm having baby lol...
2011-08-23 14:34 TrueRicangirl
FYI swipe up or down on the calendar to change months. It would be great to be able to record previous dates.
2011-08-11 03:39 Player954053652
It sucks
2011-08-09 14:06 Player929028412
2011-08-05 05:52 Player803904921
Basically tells you all you need to know!
2011-07-17 17:25 auryntheawesome
Its ok nothing special
2011-07-18 20:50 SKILLERGIRL42
Hate it
2011-05-25 17:40 Player685141873
Can't switch months
2011-05-28 03:28 j013h
I like it except it would be better if you could add when ur problems w app
2011-06-10 10:56 Player586242920
2011-06-13 23:36 Player783246626
2011-06-14 07:32 Player954053652
2011-05-02 02:43 sjready4u
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