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  • The pace of life and change can be overwhelming We all need to slow down sometimes, to relax, to unwind - yet after a hectic day at work, a terrible commute, or a nightmare shopping trip it may seem impossible. The vast majority of people have never had any relaxation training and therefore find it difficult to switch off and be still. To be able to de-stress and fully relax is vital for your health and well being. Your stress can affect not only you but also the loved ones around you, as you feel unable to give them the time they deserve. Use Relax with Andrew Johnson Lite and feel the world slow down. This app is the perfect way to unwind and de-stress, and it also has had great success in theraputic settings. The App teaches relaxation techniques, which have helped with ME, pain control, insomnia, post traumatic stress disorder and many other stress symptoms. --------- About Andrew Over the last 15 years Andrew Johnson has helped thousands of people lchange and improve their lives through his range of self help CDs, MP3 downloads, Apps and Workshops. Motivating, relaxing and empowering, Andrew's recordings are being used across the world to help people cope with stress, overcome anxiety or fears, break habits and achieve their full potential. Andrew uses a range of techniques which allow people to successfully regain control and achive positive outcomes in their work, home or personal life. Simple.
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  • 2010-10-15 17:55
  • 2012-02-07 07:54
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2012-01-31 13:20 MrsLoveLove
2012-01-04 16:20 Player515886190
Remarkably useful. Voice is very even and soothing. One of the better PMR scripts I've heard
2011-10-28 01:47 Leiloma
2011-10-22 03:10 jembutnurut
2011-10-07 04:28 ChaseWilder2
Wow life changer even *** should try this guy lol
2011-10-02 11:04 AAV199
This is amazing!
2011-09-24 07:13 Player629617031
2011-09-24 09:28 TWINKLEGEMINI
This us completely incredible! It's truly amazing how well this will both relax and reenergize you! His voice is soothing...and British(: It could be louder, I had to lay on my phone just so I could hear him. Still good though.
2011-08-31 08:11 SwishiestAphid0
2011-08-25 11:31 Lowgybear
Remarkably useful. Voice is very even and soothing. One of the better PMR scripts I've heard
2011-08-19 06:17 Leiloma
This guy is verry annoying. And his accent is errrghhhh
2011-08-18 04:52 Klaus1415
I have insomnia and this app makes me able to sleep.It is amazing.Plus when I hear his adorable accent it's strangely calming.
2011-08-11 03:57 pickleofafrica
I use this every night before bed. I absolutely love this app!!
2011-05-14 15:05 Player368508982
2011-05-28 05:56 cccocandigirl
2011-05-28 06:40 Player657035783
Far too quiet
2011-06-14 07:25 DGroshong17
Good app
2011-07-03 07:25 ljharper62
2011-07-05 22:12 Mike48236
Didn't think it would really work, but it did! I am going to recommend this to anyone who needs it!
2011-07-10 06:22 Player688923616
Can't hear thing!!
2011-07-12 01:31 BeachDude78
Very helpful I pull it out when I wake up in the middle of the night and go right back to sleep. Good stuff! Thank you for the app!
2011-05-01 01:03 JacksTheRuiner
I love this! Feeling relaxed & Fresh
2011-04-10 06:16 TexasGal432
Love it(:
2011-03-09 18:12 RawrChikaRawr
2011-02-27 08:36 Player467981450
Amazing!! Worked great
2011-02-23 06:32 Player833999564
Curious what difference is between this and $ app...
2011-02-02 20:25 lebazanitteb
2011-02-04 05:56 Gr0tick
2011-01-27 04:41 Private Ryan D
Great app! Very relaxing
2011-01-26 05:27 EnchantinJWanna
2011-01-17 06:42 Player086226202
Doesn't shut off after program ends, and drains battery. Did help with relaxation.
2011-01-12 13:56 Player784015082
Very calming
2011-01-08 18:01 Player264879005
2011-01-08 18:29 ITTZ MR FLUFFY
Love this!
2011-01-04 09:27 Player706569974
2011-01-03 04:13 ninjahunter2011
It's ok. Couldn't stop giggling at first. After I got used to his voice , it was relaxing.
2011-01-02 10:19 samcell24
Helps me get to sleep
2010-12-29 10:50 im Chunkierfish
2010-12-21 19:11 Player855492221
This is wonderful! Absolutely love it. The voice is so soothing and the music, beautiful. And it works! I felt incredibly relaxed afterwards. Thank you for this app!
2010-12-17 00:08 Player747065419
2010-12-10 17:15 Player591429017
Shuts off when phone sleeps
2010-12-09 09:51 dailyyogurt
Poor audio quality, barely audible
2010-12-02 13:12 thinkrama
Surprisingly effective
2010-11-15 02:49 Player158576614
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