• GReadr is a free Google Reader app for Windows Phone 7. Downloads your feeds so you can read them on the phone, Provides full two way synchronizing between the phone and Google Reader. Features: * Free and no ads * Sync with your Google Reader account * View items all unread items, items by feed, starred or shared. * Star/unstar items * Share/unshare items * Mark feed or all items as read * Send items to Read It Later or Instapaper * Passwords are only saved on the phone and all authentication is over HTTPS.
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  • 2011-01-10 23:14
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2012-01-24 07:17 CitternQ
Well implemented Google Reader app. Uses the metro interface well.
2012-01-25 06:23 CaptainKen97404
2012-01-27 17:38 leops1984
Wonderful, slick, ad-free. Well done.
2012-01-17 19:04 CowboyHugbees
Ok, wish it would open browser cleaner
2012-01-18 04:04 everyonceinawhi
way too tedious to scan and "read" posts
2011-12-15 19:58 flanakin
Doesn't appear to support folders? Unfortunate choice.
2011-12-30 07:00 tivac
Great app! One feed caused the app to crash, but it wasn't one I cared much for so no big deal. Would love to see live tile support.
2012-01-03 18:46 andrewwmoritz
2012-01-07 09:01 pugachevvv
Simple and clean. Works great. But missing some important features. No swiping gestures. No offline mode that prefetches images.
2012-01-10 04:17 Player176502622
I always get unknown error while i try to sync it over 3g...
2012-01-15 14:19 ashtray111
2011-12-03 09:57 demonhwy
2011-12-03 10:07 graymer20
Less optional, inconvenience
2011-12-04 16:49 TalkiestMr Five
2011-11-13 04:33 Jaden Me
Ones of my favorites.
2011-11-16 16:17 buuu8
Too simplistic for me
2011-11-16 19:03 ThornyBridge
2011-11-17 05:43 Pienet
The best rss-app among simple ones
2011-11-08 09:32 AndrewTheWhale
Lite and fast. Handy. But pics and links are mostly cut off. These parts of info sometimes are really needed.
2011-11-11 23:10 xuchengzhe99
A bit slow but functions well. Meets expectations.
2011-11-01 17:34 JosephFinney
This app is a very simple yet amazing one if what you're looking for is something clean with no fluff to follow your blog feeds on, it shows pictures on the blogs clearly too.
2011-11-05 08:00 yinkt
Simple and clear
2011-11-05 14:08 WaynebabyWang
2011-10-26 00:07 ayo10
Would like to see folders in the app, otherwise a solid Google Reader.
2011-10-29 05:28 Swordsman
Simple. Easy to use. But hopefully HTTPS connections could be added. Only by HTTPS connections can ppl in China use Google reader. Thx.
2011-10-24 02:34 ViktorGok
2011-10-24 20:20 PravinPatil
No mango support. Thumbs down
2011-10-20 13:15 Dwight 222
Exactly the apps I was wanting
2011-10-15 01:13 Dionysia93
2011-10-11 15:52 yoyoplay
Yeah that is what I need :)
2011-10-03 10:56 ThugSoldierus
This Google Reader app is so good, I wish I could pay for it.
2011-09-22 14:57 RobNHL
No support for categories. But it is free and there are no ads.
2011-09-13 08:27 futurepx
In free apps, this one is really good.
2011-09-08 04:06 diavolix
2011-08-24 00:39 Ing222
Great app. Would be nice if u add share buttons .
2011-08-26 03:12 Player328214260
Needs share by SMS, and to stop erroring when I come back from viewing an article in IE
2011-08-22 18:18 flumdinger
Great app. Would be nice if u add share buttons .
2011-08-19 02:07 Player328214260
2011-08-11 05:45 JTH71
2011-07-31 08:01 Nystog
Crashes on startup.
2011-07-28 17:55 JonnyWo
Straight forward and effective. Couldn't get it to display golders, unfortunately.
2011-07-29 21:12 LingIII
Simple, yet effective Google reader. Just what I was looking for.
2011-07-22 17:30 Player585410163
Perfect, however I'd like being able to make all articles in a subscription read by holding on a subscription so a menu pops up and offers the option "Mark subscription read" or similar. To anyone alse having issues, there's lots of settings you can change (mark read on open, fetch x subscriptions...)
2011-07-16 12:45 jankovicdominik
Simple, fast loading, I do need a RSS reader like this, good job.
2011-07-13 23:12 sugerwp7
I've been looking for a good, free Google reader for days until I tried gReadr. This app is by far the best, and the fastest! Oh and THANK YOU for Instapaper support :)
2011-05-10 11:39 Fahdriyami
Won't load just crashes
2011-05-14 14:54 bobthegreat83
Totally amazing ! I used this to track down projects sync with online collaborative website. Great exp !
2011-05-15 11:15 Player744104926
Great reader, please implement the page flipping style that you see on eBook readers (e.g. Kindle Wp7 app) This is vital for speed reading.
2011-05-19 06:29 BR0THER Dave
I wish it allowed you to add or remove feeds otherwise great
2011-05-20 11:52 JeffieThePirate
2011-05-20 18:09 Venelar
Great core functionality. Could use an unread count on the live tile and a font size selection. Being able to add feeds would be awesome too.
2011-05-22 04:52 Virgil6
Doesn't show all feeds.
It doesn't show all feeds. Uninstalling.
2011-05-23 03:06 itzrahulsoni
The feed has to be open in explore...
2011-05-23 10:20 Briami
A little slow,but good enough.
2011-05-26 14:14 ShuaiYang
2011-05-27 12:00 starleoda
Problems with feed loading when back from IE page.
2011-05-28 10:19 djromma
2011-05-29 06:40 gamekillerxiao
Lean and to the point. Could use some swiping gestures to flip pages. Some feeds have a little glitch upon first viewing, notably Destructoid.
2011-06-02 13:55 RogueCheepSheep
Would be nice if it could mark as read if scrolled past as this is how I read and how Google reader works.... Otherwise it works fine!
2011-06-06 17:55 Player811232942
Great app. Just needs tags and sharing with twitter.
2011-06-08 07:02 DavehMK
Works great!
2011-06-09 07:26 Tekkie79
Thanks for the app! The only thing missing is ability to choose which folders to sync.
2011-06-11 08:58 Player968382016
Great app. Would be nice if you could choose to not sync certain feeds but still very workable. Have has a couple bugs where it exited to my win 7 tiles so wish there was a quick way to report bugs but again still a great program even when following a lot of feeds. Would definitely recommend it.
2011-06-14 02:14 sunburntgalaxy
2011-06-28 20:15 treuiut
Marking feeds read automatically would be a nice option. Great app otherwise.
2011-07-01 10:02 smarterthanthou
Perfect interface. Best RSS reader in the marketplace - and I tried a lot if them.
2011-07-02 20:28 Ironclyde
Was good before a bug
This app was really good since a bug was found. The bug is it will quit automatically without any warning message. I am using Dell venue pro with 7392.
2011-07-02 21:11 diavolix
I found the same bug that diavolix did - app just closing without any warning during the data updating. Wery annoying. Needed to fix it and after that it can be 4- or 5-star app.
2011-07-03 06:54 ostapiv
2011-07-07 19:28 eternalOptimist
Functions, but unable to change default from reverse chronological order.
2011-07-12 22:04 EMcCutchan
2011-05-01 17:11 RedCrystalAtMsn
Solid Google reader and its free!
2011-04-24 21:17 ThaRebeliouZ
Ok but no mobile view
2011-04-19 20:02 ILliCiT AcE
Fastest Google reader at the moment. I've tried a lot of them. None come close to how fast this one is. Excellent app.
2011-04-15 07:10 The Kinslayer
Good free app. Need to improve share options.
2011-04-13 04:31 clacayo
2011-04-03 07:20 landerer2
It only downloads at most 1000 items and does not show any folders I have setup.
2011-04-04 22:46 ntbone
Good app
2011-04-05 18:18 UnvoicedEye
2011-03-31 16:13 waynew1
best of the readers
i've tried all the free and free-trial readers and found this one to be the smoothest experience. the only thing that's missing is folder support. i use 'send to instapaper' a lot, so personally i wish that was a button (rather than in the menu) and that there was some sign that it processed the request.
2011-03-31 18:18 idLEwiRe
Works well, free and ad. free. Can save feeds in inastapaper, read it later also. Love this app
2011-04-01 18:21 ssathya
Very well made basic Google reader app.
2011-03-27 01:21 Sideburnt
I tried all the reader, like greadie, nextgen, wonder and ao on, this is the fastest. Plz add live tile like greadie has, and download all content option. Thanks, nice work!
2011-03-24 15:11 lktc420
Good app
2011-03-22 02:05 WhiteNight12
Nice app, please add option for bigger font size.
2011-03-22 22:33 ara809
Please add a way to browse subscriptions through folders
2011-03-20 16:13 Player747336789
Could use "like" as an option, but i still give it 5 stars since it's free.
2011-03-18 16:54 waynew1
Great reader ultrafast and free.
2011-03-16 14:17 kyrios40
2011-03-12 07:10 d2004k
2011-03-13 13:29 bestyouneverhad
Great Google reader app! Use it all the time! Only wish latest headlines showed up on live tiles...
2011-03-02 16:34 shamburg82
This app is good enough for Google reader. It has all feature as a reader and make me comfortable to read. Thanks a lot.
2011-03-03 12:00 trueonot
2011-02-27 18:05 NinjaMads
Its ok
2011-02-25 17:02 COMANDO AZUL
Uninstalling, can't scroll. Can't view post detail. Only shows tittle/summary
2011-02-26 01:56 simerai
I cannot login, it says that my password is wrong , but it absolutely correct :(
2011-02-22 08:27 ArtFeel UA062
Not 2 shabby
2011-02-16 00:45 adacunha
Very nice and fast reader. The only minor complaint I have is the white screen that shows up between news when you press "next" button:) Edit: the newest update fixed the white flashy transition effect between news browsing, now it's really cool :D thanks, five stars, hope to se some more polishing and/or functionality updates in the future
2011-02-16 23:33 TheRealPerza
Best Google reader I've seen for win phone and it's free too.
2011-02-17 02:43 BrainerCraig
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