• Developed by Aseel AlOmran This application gives you the latest news from Reuters ,collects, edits, reports and distributes financial information and news in textual, video and audio form. Offers real-time information, information databases, applications products and information management systems.
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  • 2012-01-23 11:38
  • 2012-04-29 22:06
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Only pulls the summary article from Reuters and opens up IE to give you the full thing.
2012-04-29 15:32 LAWLS
Doesn't show the whole story and while it can be opened in your browser, having to do that eliminates the need for the app if you end up on the website anyways. The layout looks pretty good, though, and it's easy to navigate.
2012-05-01 06:14 jcamzay
Love it question why are some of the articles short are the articles suppose to be that short or what? But overall a great app been looking for a Reuters one for a while thanks
2012-01-29 08:28 GhostMarine414
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