• SimpiRSS Free is a standalone RSS/Atom feed reader. Get the information you desire quickly by adding feeds from your favorite web sites. - New for 7.5! Fast app switching and pinnable feeds (pinned feeds will update with the feed's unread count and latest article title) - Articles can be read aloud using text to speech (use network bandwidth) - View articles by feed, all unread or starred feeds - Follows Metro UI theme guidelines - All articles are cached locally for offline reading - Arrange feeds by category - Youtube and podcast audio (mp3, wav, etc.) support - Share/bookmark feed items via email, text message, Facebook, Twitter,, digg, Google, Newsvine, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Yahoo or any of the builtin social networks - Search for related web pages or images using Google or Bing - Google and Instapaper Mobilizer support - Add feeds by importing from Google Reader or OPML files, searching with keywords, browsing a popular feeds list, browsing the web to automatically discover feeds, or entering feed URLs manually- Export feeds via OPML - Multithreaded feed update - Run under lock screen - Context menus - Many more features We welcome the chance to make our product better. Please send all feature requests and comments to [email protected] Thank you for considering SimpiRSS Free! If you like SimpiRSS Free, but do not like the ads, please try SimpiRSS.
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2011-07-16 19:42 Robogles
Very good App. Deserves a 5 star rating.
2012-08-31 06:14 Willenjsbr
Simple, quick, excellent!
2012-08-16 02:19 Player159493503
Love this app. It is simple but has a lot of great features. Not as snappy as native apps, but real close. Would love an add free version, but still love it. This is the only 3rd party app I use every day.
2012-07-21 04:40 Captain Stack
Has horrible landscape bugs. Reading an article will trigger the portrait mode gestures meaning when you scroll vertically to read in landscape, it will switch articles as it you if you scrolled the same way horizontally in portrait mode.
2012-07-22 20:06 GratedFern808
2012-07-15 21:37 Player015593995
Live tiles need to be fixed
2012-06-30 19:52 KingPlatypus1
2012-07-01 15:56 Galaxy419
exactly what im looking for. Gives the user total control over the content.
2012-07-03 06:21 KongziIIa
Very nice, but would like feature to see alt-text of images, like in xkcd.
2012-07-08 00:32 ARR624
Works, design is well thought of, but it's really slow.
2012-06-25 14:02 GratedFern808
2012-06-27 05:36 bAdKItTYrOxONtO
Had potential but glitchy upon hitting the link button
2012-06-29 11:21 AlmightySpoon00
Pretty good. Some bugs in feed discovery.
2012-02-11 11:04 Hyperlunatic
It's simple but easy use apps.
2012-06-13 13:56 ManyCroissant60
2012-05-22 12:13 bunkurz
2012-05-22 20:47 atalmaciu
2012-05-19 00:43 ELACaster
Easy. Simple. Useful.
2012-05-20 22:11 albertomorillor
2012-05-09 05:17 g0rak
Needs fast app resume; landscape mode is very glitchy
2012-05-09 06:32 coolmike8789
2012-04-29 11:21 Knacky302
2012-04-30 13:48 Ecuabron
2012-05-01 18:50 kangheesuh
Excellent app
2012-04-11 00:52 nmayooran
Really Simple and Good!
2012-04-12 04:02 ANC66
Pretty good... I like that I can access to my feeds fast without many steps
2012-04-15 12:28 tecnostone
Nice working with russian rss feeds. I like it!
2011-05-03 11:18 MierlKoeri
Works, however it could be much better. It logs into reader acct and pulls feeds but that is as far as the integration goes. I would expect that if I read a post on the web this would know I already read it. Instead I see everything I didn't read on the phone. It would seem the app only takes a list of your feeds rather than fully integrating. Still looking but so far flux seems marginally better.
2011-06-09 05:58 f1yb0b
2011-09-21 21:38 JerryWLTing
2011-09-29 17:55 alonehere
2011-10-22 23:15 Kuuponlady
Very convenient app!
2012-03-27 20:43 thang24101991
2012-03-17 09:59 BruskCoolbean
Does not support Chinese feeds plz fix then it will be perfect!
2012-03-18 16:42 Player952707697
2012-02-28 07:49 rajincricket
Good app. Did exactly what I wanted it to do. But it was slow finding feed links. I just copy and pasted the link into the app.
2012-03-03 15:04 LEX 7983
2012-02-15 22:36 StandaVanek
2012-02-07 08:31 AbaqusImplicit
Good app.
2012-02-09 19:59 Kostyan17011
Can't import google reader feeds.
2012-02-10 15:39 robinferianto
Pretty good. Some bugs in feed discovery.
2012-02-11 11:04 Zener Diode
Takes forever to load page links. Stalls and forces you to load the whole page with pictures before you can scroll. Other than that, I like the function and organization of the app
2012-01-31 01:23 aguapoman
Excellent app.
2012-01-21 07:53 Aelgyn
2012-01-21 15:18 noodlex420x
Great app
2011-12-23 16:35 legendofvic
Doesn't understand Russian letters
2011-12-28 07:22 Sharker76
2012-01-04 08:02 clear acuity
I like it, but can be a little slow sometimes. Overall a quality experience!
2012-01-06 07:18 Nought Sack
Simple and easy to use
2011-12-02 08:39 RoninRokuro
可以导入Googlereader 没广告 好东西
2011-12-03 01:22 bazingka
Needs fast app switching
2011-11-23 14:55 coolmike8789
Well done.
2011-11-20 02:22 FACT108
***. Always shows images as links.
2011-11-22 17:39 Rams home
2011-11-16 22:57 Player739915020
Perfect! Works amazingly and is just what I was looking for. Great app!
2011-11-09 09:57 MASONJAR13
2011-11-09 12:51 Dmitrybu
It was nice at first, but it takes a while to update. I ended up finding weave and switching to that
2011-11-02 13:33 Byakko Dan
Good apps
2011-11-03 04:21 juventus lover
The only problem is that is a lil buggy
2011-10-26 06:01 MALIBUCLSIC
Great app.
2011-10-30 05:32 Player835707625
2011-10-22 23:15 Player302685982
2011-10-22 03:03 jembutnurut
2011-10-19 04:20 Yo1123
2011-10-18 00:27 teknoMonkey
Very good!
2011-10-18 01:37 xalexmarianox
Some of the feeds that used to work fine now crash this app after the Mango update to the phone OS.
2011-10-18 05:31 Twyndyllyngs
Locks up constantly :(
2011-10-13 16:24 Player570680027
Outrageously outdated. No Mango support. Current version has super dumb bug. Can't launch or (WTFBBQ) SHUT the app when there's no internet connection.
2011-10-13 19:52 ChassitChussit
Its good.
2011-10-14 01:45 pokiri
very nice basic stable rss reader. using it for year.
2011-10-14 03:43 odessit79
2011-10-12 13:59 AndrewTheWhale
Sometimes crashes but good for free..Pulse however is amazing and recommended over this app.
2011-10-06 21:03 slapedurmomsace
Nice app.
2011-10-04 16:02 Walterchanble
Great app and great synchronization with Google
2011-09-28 19:54 ThugSoldierus
2011-09-29 17:55 Player048092946
2011-09-26 19:11 Zucce
2011-09-21 15:06 Zucce
2011-09-21 21:38 Player064489285
2011-09-19 06:48 dankomodric
2011-09-18 04:42 Player904094468
O melhor que achei até hoje pra leitor de rss
2011-09-13 01:45 heynildo
2011-09-09 08:07 nick3656
Great RSS reader
2011-09-11 05:49 haroldtran
Great, does exactly what you expect!
2011-09-08 03:41 Brochachki
2011-09-04 17:28 Sandeepwp7
The best RSS reader in marketplace. Finally I can organize my feeds the way I want! (Please do not leave it there, when you can add push notifications, multitasking and other things to them) With the new update the app is really really fast!!! Well done!
2011-09-04 19:15 FotisWP7
Simple rss reader. Tried lots of others out there, but always coming back to this one. Simply the best.
2011-09-01 23:22 dankomodric
Couple versions ago it was a nice and working app. Now it won't play audio. Just fast forwards through available podcasts. Samsung Focus.
2011-09-02 00:41 EpicMicrobe
Simple app. :)
2011-09-02 05:24 yadnyeshonz
2011-09-02 23:06 LiteLucifer000
Only text
2011-08-19 02:09 Player328214260
2011-08-19 23:04 powlayrio
Works perfectly for me. Those of us with capped data plans appreciate text only. Can link to actual articles.
2011-08-20 10:08 eljefe0821
Well enough for me
2011-08-11 16:20 eoe1985404
App becomes unresponsive when loading and the load times feel excessively long. Otherwise great.
2011-08-06 17:11 Best Snow Crab
Not a bad little app, but the free version of wonder reader downloads feeds much faster.
2011-08-06 18:44 leggomycraiggo
2011-08-07 15:35 emreuyar
Great app
2011-07-25 15:32 teHz g0t sw4g
Nice working with russian rss feeds. I like it!
2011-05-03 11:18 Player380236831
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