• Get high quality, seven-day forecasts and weather reports for over two million locations worldwide direct to your phone. Highlights include animated radar and satellite images for the USA and much of Europe! WeatherPro is developed by Europe's largest independent weather company and therefore offers top quality, detailed weather forecasts. Start-up and loading times have been improved with the latest update so receiving professional weather data on Windows Phone 7 has never been easier. FEATURES: SEVEN DAY FORECASTS INCLUDING: •3-hourly updates •Weather reports for over 2 million locations worldwide •Temperature (Celsius/Fahrenheit) and the all important "feels like" •Wind direction and speed (in your chosen format) GLOBAL SATELLITE AND ANIMATED RADAR: •Radar images for the USA and much of Europe •Pan and zoom functionality •Tilt screen for landscape format PLUS: •Available in 7 European languages •Favourites settings •No adverts
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  • 2010-10-15 22:17
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The best weather outthere
2011-08-29 17:15 KFLCZ
Not accurate information, takes forever to each time you use app and unable to get rid of Berlin
2011-01-09 19:45 Player432124249
Very pretty app. I wish there was a live tile showing me the forecast.
2010-10-16 02:48 Player548642
Couldn't find a way to edit the fav list. First time start up is slow.
2010-10-20 00:54 Nicholai Yu
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