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  • German English Dictionary & Translator is an easy to use, user friendly dictionary with a very big database (more than 280,000 translation pairs). No internet connection is required. Main Features: - More than 280,000 translation pairs - Fast browsing mode that enables scrolling the dictionary - Quick search in browse mode: jumping to the right part of the dictionary while typing - Searching mode with fast lookup engine - Detailed view of the chosen word with phrases - Word linking in detailed view: clicking on any word will show the word in detailed view - History in detailed view: you can go back and forward among the words you have seen so far - Accentuation independent search - Recents screen to make browsing history easier - Favorites screen - Integrated Wiki search - Google or Bing Translate (Internet connection is required!) - Settings with color schemes - Landscape mode
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2012-07-11 01:21 CavityBob
Dictionary works great, other functions are also very useful!
2011-10-04 14:35 CmndrFish
Das ist sehr sehr guttttttttttttt!!!!!
2012-05-17 17:28 Cabsul
Works great
2011-11-21 16:06 InoInoIsuk
Dictionary works great, other functions are also very useful!
2011-10-04 14:35 Garrick Jannene
Individuals who have a working knowledge of Deutsch NEED this app; it jogs my memory so well when I can't think of a German word,or the meaning of same... It is also SO USEFUL with German idiomatic expressions! Load it if at all possible...
2011-09-30 23:04 Grundsau47
great translator. Can't ever be fluent enough in another language.
2011-08-05 05:54 Ausgewandert
Definitely worth it. Great to have around.
2011-07-19 23:01 RedBearThirteen
This is a very good dictionary. I recommend it to everybody!!
2011-05-09 04:05 Pipitto94
Its awesome. This application has 3 translation sources Google translator ver. 1 And 2 and bing translator. The translator on Google ver. 2 Does congegated verbs and word placement
2011-05-17 23:50 skeletonbirds
Good app. The updates have been improving things from the dictionary to the movement. Best money I have ever spent on an app, I am updating my rating to 5 stars since they do a good job updating and improving. :)
2011-05-23 05:47 GnosisAdventium
puzzling words included
Some interesting words in the dictionary. Just scrolling down from the top: älschen [by way of fälschen], with derivatives such as älschlich, älschlichem (??), älschlicherweise, and so forth. Are those scanning casualties or do they come from some obscure dialect? Either way, I'd think twice before using them right off the phone. Who knows how many more such entries are in there...
2011-03-08 06:37 Flammengarten
Good app. The scrolling needs work though as it is choppy. Search is accurate but a tad slow. Still way faster than thumbing through a hard copy though. Saved my butt on an open dictionary test.
2010-12-03 20:49 GnosisAdventium
Dictionary Eng-Ger - Average rating : 9 - Max : 10 - Based on 8 ratings and 8 reviews.