Italian Verbs

Learn 1000 Italian verbs

  • Italian Verbs is a perfect app to help you learn Italian verbs wherever you have your phone handy. It contains over 1000 most common verbs along with their conjugations for every mood and tense. In the app you can easily find any individual verb, you can create a list of specific verbs that you want to focus on, or you can switch to the irregular verb mode (more than 50 irregular verbs are available). In addition the app offers you the ability to take a quiz on a set of verbs (all, irregular, or favorites) so that you can check the level of your knowledge.
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Molte bene, questa aplicazione funziona meglio che otra!!!
2012-07-22 07:41 xX SmAsHmAn Xx
A great way to look up verbs on the fly for Italian students. Very helpful
2012-06-12 14:12 igmapma
Molte bene, questa aplicazione funziona meglio che otra!!!
2012-04-17 19:06 xX SmAsHmAn Xx
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