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  • Do you want to or need to learn Japanese characters. Kana Kards is a great way to learn the phonetic characters in the Japanese language called Hiragana & Katakana. It is a flash card application to learn the characters than included the classic layed out chart of the characters and quizzes to test your progress. All the standard characters, the diacritic characters and the compound characters are included, and can be reviewed and tested individually. There is also a Translation page to translate English to Japanese via Bing Translation & a page to convert Romanized characters (English) to Katakana or Hiragana as you type. ** PLEASE RATE & REVIEW ** Thanks for your help Features: - Flash cards in Hiragana & Katakana - Quizes in Hiragana & Katakana - Character charts for Hiragana & Katakana - Translation from English to Japanese - Character conversion from back and forth from Romaji, Katakana, and Hiragana - Review missed characters to results of quiz for review LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kana-Kards/169709006433982 v1.6 (Mango Version) - Fixed several few bugs v1.5 (Mango Version) - Fixed a few bugs - Added ability to re-test just the missed characters from the most recent test v1.4 (Mango Version) - Fixed several bugs - Made a few UX enhancements - Added missed characters to results of quiz for review v1.3 (Mango Version) - Fixed bug with diacritic & compound characters were always showing Katakana characters in charts - Made a few UX enhancements - Fixed a few bugs v1.2 - Fixed a few bugsR
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2012-09-18 23:56 Player051020343
Really great & easy to use app. It allows you to easily learn and study katakana and hiragana by using flashcards or just by studying the chart. It even teaches diacritic and compound characters! The quizzes are good too. The only downsides are that it doesn't teach the character strokes and it doesn't have a feature that lets you practice writing the characters. Overall, its a nice, useful app. I love it! :-) *btw, sorry if you already saw a review from me but I wasn't sure if the first one was submitted so I made this one.
2012-06-21 05:03 Player444831960
Love this app!
2012-03-05 20:07 The Architectt
Really helpful app and it saves me from having to use index cards. If it wasn't for this app, I probably would have done horribly in my Japanese class. Only problem is that some romanji needs needs to be addressed in other ways like "hu" (not ***) and "ji" (not di).
2012-02-24 13:55 Player954903013
Love this app! My only critique is that it doesn't show you the correct answers to the kana you missed at the end of each quiz.
2012-02-20 02:57 The Architectt
2011-09-28 07:09 BeefCakeWarrior
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