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  • Use Translator+ to translate between over 30 languages. Translator+ offers an easy, fast and simple way to get anything translated between different languages all over the world. Features: - Friendly and simple user interface. - Language detection. - Listen to translated text New in version 1.1: - Support for right-to-left languages - Switch between input and output languages New in version 1.0: - Fast app switching New in version 0.9: - Tombstoning added New in version 0.8: - New UI - Copy&Paste translated text ATTENTION: Since Google is not offering its free translation API anymore, only Big Engine is supported now. I know, it's a pity, but I'm just a poor developer ;) I recommend you to buy Translator++ from: It includes Google's translation engine and has no ads. It also offers a fully funcitonal free trial version which offers same featues as this app.
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  • 2011-03-15 01:32
  • 2012-05-02 20:52
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2012-04-16 21:06 ccederstrom
2012-04-16 21:06 cederstr
Great App
2012-07-28 07:24 Sunset7th
2012-04-16 21:06 Player406319083
Crashes each time
2011-11-20 05:43 MrBomb888
2011-11-14 02:46 Jugador60371754
2011-11-15 01:12 Player766473754
Doesn't work. It crashes every run.
2011-11-15 19:32 RubricShdart
2011-11-09 20:35 Player774970496
2011-11-10 23:08 Player769233496
2011-11-11 03:22 Jugador58351108
Some languages do not work and show up as boxes. E.g. Hindi. The issue most prob is because the fonts are not packaged in the xap. Overall looks fine. Love that you can switch between two providers. Would have loved if all the languages supported voice.
2011-09-10 18:04 theIceBand1t
2011-09-11 01:41 El negrito1985
Simple and useful
2011-09-11 05:04 gborills
Sound doesn't work. Can't use.
2011-06-06 16:17 Player892686730
No Persian
2011-06-13 18:35 prangbar
Was awesome when I was still taking foreign language.
2011-07-13 05:50 skoomaseller
*UPDATE* This Translator App just recently had a nice update released. Which in turn means I had to update my review to keep things fair. First off, I would like to give the developer of this Application a lot of credit. There aren't too many WinMo 7 Developers that actually listen to the reviews and make the necessary adjustments in order to keep their Apps functional. This Developer, did exactly that and as a user of his App I just would like to thank him for his efforts. Now back on topic, the overall UI is the biggest noticeable change. You'll notice that the input boxes are a lot smaller which means you can type and translate without having to scroll down. The sizing is perfect. I also noticed some polishing of the App itself. No apparent bugs or issues here, I still would like to see an updated icon, perhaps it's just me but the one that is used appears blurry and out of focus. Raising the volume would be great as well. NO ADS! Good Job -Projekt-
2011-04-24 14:25 Projekt SHIN
2011-04-12 22:10 Player524444409
The sound doesn't work and u can't copy and paste for a message ....if it did that it would be A 5
2011-04-10 02:56 Player655801682
If im using your app to translate from English to Chinese or Arabic what would make you THINK I would know how to read the scripture IF I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO SPEAK THE LANGUAGE!!!!! Lazily put together ATLEAST make the speaker work
2011-04-08 07:39 Kinect Rep
I gave this Translator App a 3/5 only because I feel that there are many areas where the developer could make minor changes to make this as good as the official Microsoft Translator App. First off would be simple aesthetics. The icon used is obvisouly the wrong resolution because it appears blurry and the UI needs to be more identical to the Microsoft Translator. The space where we input the words or phrases is too big for no reason. I should be able to hit the translate button without having to scroll down first. In fact, other then simple cosmetic changes and polishing, I happen to think this app is better only because it offers more languages. But once Microsoft decides to update their app with a better selection of languages as well, then this application will become useless. If the developer cares about the app and the reviews, I hope to see a smaller box for inputting words, a sharper and better looking icon, and just minor tweaks to the UI. -Projekt-
2011-03-31 01:33 Projekt SHIN
2011-03-29 02:18 raebanz2
2011-03-15 05:54 Vedrn
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