• Developed by JOHN MBITHI Presidential aspirants Kenya is a mobile application that seeks to inform people of current aspiring presidential candidates, their political parties, and agenda. Presidential elections will be held in Kenya either on 14 August 2012 or December 2012 depending on a court ruling to be issued on 13 January 2012. Parliamentary elections will be held on the same date. Incumbent President Mwai Kibaki's second and final term comes to an end on or before December 31, 2012.This will be the first presidential election under the new constitution that was passed during the 2010 referendum. Due to the terms of the new constitution, it could also be the first presidential election in Kenya where the candidates face a second round between the first and the second if none achieves simple (50%+1 vote)majority in the first round or if the winner does not get 25% of the votes in at least 24 counties.
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