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  • 2011-03-20 17:39
  • 2012-05-02 22:31
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Force closes alot
2011-12-26 03:25 Player814502326
2012-01-11 16:13 Player265547431
Nice interface, would rate higher but haven't been able to actually use it, crashes everytime you try to scroll to a story.
2011-12-08 12:21 jlcastle
Worthless.. Crashes after opening, everytime.
2011-12-09 10:16 Grim 1ne
App is great when it works. Seems to close itself for no reason. Can be very touchy.
2011-10-26 17:41 Player543667
Good app, but shows my local weather. I want to see Louisville weather. News story leads are too short. But overall pretty good.
2011-05-09 03:17 eagard
This app is hot!! Now I can get hometown news back here in San Diego. Mugshots of the week is a really cool feature, I might have seen some people I know. Plus this app is free, which is my favorite price!!
2011-04-09 15:30 Tony Blac
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