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  • This application is a simple and easy to use voice recorder . Features: - Unlimited record time and file size (only limited by your Phone Storage size) - Simple and easy to use user interface, start fast - Run and record under the lock screen - Play the audio when you select it. - Record/Play/Pause/Rename/Add note/Download to PC/Slide to seek audio - Download recorded files to PC ( Need install wp7explorer on PC, download from or codeplex ) - Upload file to Dropbox - Upload file to Skydrive FAQ and Support Page: ( Current download/copy to PC method is difficult to setup, I am aware of it and working on it to release new version when there are better method to copy files out of your phone )
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  • John Li
  • 2011-10-20 17:31
  • 2012-04-28 12:15
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2012-06-27 12:52 JackMarkusGFY
2012-10-22 18:49 Player236313985
Good sound, recorded a long time this is the best recording app I've used, I uninstalled the others:D
2012-08-29 22:04 redredbuddah
it does what it says :)
2012-10-22 13:02 Habibi Sanii
Really like this app but you can't really hear clearly when you record
2012-10-06 21:19 Player993312516
2012-10-07 08:26 bboo1126
Very good audio recorder. Records for long and I give it 5 stars
2012-10-08 19:02 Nightwing0007
Sorta good but can't use recording for any useful applications on phone.
2012-09-26 06:05 Player363231205
Bad quality for loud instruments...
2012-09-03 17:26 c2xeditor
2012-09-15 02:16 Player120678346
Works fine. Doesn't crash. I just with I could self the recordings via text
2012-09-18 03:52 Player805482494
Basic functions only. Wish there were more to it.
2012-09-19 03:23 OctalAxis355504
Simple app to use and works great. Records as long as there is space. Recording quality is in WAV file at 256 kbps. Single mic phone records in mono. With current app version, to download to PC user will need .Net 4 full package along with WP7explorer. Downside - can only select menu options while playing a file. The files transfered to PC with the explorer do not save with WAV extension which need to be added manually. WP7explorer is not super user friendly, but works.
2012-09-24 21:41 McAndrew72BR
2012-08-16 11:14 Player828055401
2012-08-18 17:12 Player262752967
no frills. Does what it's says
2012-08-25 22:58 Player688479084
2012-08-26 20:28 palmspringsbmw1
Good sound, recorded a long time this is the best recording app I've used, I uninstalled the others:D
2012-08-29 22:04 Player607481137
Can't get the audio files off the phone! ;(
2012-08-10 05:48 J S Knudsen
Does what it says
2012-08-06 05:27 Player282428674
works as advertised.
2012-07-29 19:45 lpdman01
Gay this app doesn't let u delete recordings for some reason
2012-07-30 22:10 UdntwantitCUZ
Keeping it simple is best. Good job
2012-04-12 15:04 Gooby Gonzo
Really great recording - even in the noise of a crowd but i can't get any large files (10 min) to upload at all - not w SkyDrive or dropbox. Really frustrating.
2012-07-16 19:39 holybatmite
Will not record calls, only records in big .wav files.
2012-07-20 11:47 Hunter ti
Bad quality recording
2012-07-21 17:03 Player036886463
Add a way to change recording to mp3 and add a way to txt/email the recording and it will be bomb diggity!!
2012-07-08 03:07 steve0ski
Just a simple recorder and works great for me.
2012-07-08 08:55 reelcatchee
2012-07-11 07:51 Player252564865
Need a better way to export large files to PC, as uploading still FAILS! =/
2012-07-02 23:20 timevil
I did a long interview with my friend and the audio was somewhat glitchy on the phone. The reason for the low rating is that after I copied it onto my computer, the audio went from glitchy to completely bad. I like the app, but with such poor audio quality in the recording, I can't recommend it.
2012-06-22 05:51 Tactu
great yet simple app! :D
2012-06-23 11:05 Sib85
So perfect. Its like not too fancy just simple and works perfectly!
2012-06-23 20:29 Luna Tick51
2012-06-27 12:52 Player772067568
2012-06-13 11:33 QBunited
I used this App to record audio/spoken word for an entire documentary. And it was just wonderful. So many people told me to use an iPhone but I stuck with my Lumia and this app. I won an award for it too. :)
2012-06-15 19:36 Suryaputra
Amazing app worked great..
2012-06-19 20:20 MISSION H0TR0D
Best free recorder app!!! Love the sync to Dropbox feature!
2012-06-06 14:49 Player388398282
Perfect to record musical ideas
2012-06-10 07:10 Player120135567
2012-06-10 11:26 Tedomatic
Pretty good but kind of skips sometimes
2012-06-11 14:51 wakkaflocker
Useful. No multi-select to delete.
2012-05-27 12:50 indy22mac
Why do I get ads
2012-06-01 18:29 DecidingPond
2012-06-03 06:58 lKilNGz
Works as advertised! Tried a few other apps but this one recorded and uploaded without any hassels.
2012-05-20 18:55 Player149117043
office hub 有此功能,此软件多于
2012-05-23 12:59 jiaoxiake
2012-05-26 01:59 ricacura
Works as described and I love the DropBox & Skydrive integration.
2012-05-19 04:00 DMan Bonzai
2012-05-08 04:09 Raj414
2012-04-22 16:22 Player047230802
Plain and simple. Records under lockscreen. Excellent
2012-04-23 06:23 Player833087800
This is amazing. I was able to record a half-hour interview in a busy expo hall with a ton of background noise. It clearly picked up my conversation. I then easily uploaded the file to my Dropbox.
2012-04-23 13:34 MisterP58
2012-04-26 17:24 KashyapBhansali
Nice for occasional use
I record a lot of files up to 2 hrs long; ran low on space on my 8GB of phone storage. Can’t find a convenient way to get them to PC. Skydrive or Dropbox upload takes way too long (also no batch mode for upload); would be great if files could be accessed via Zune using USB cable for archive. Please post solution if any figures out how to quickly access 60+ long duration recordings on PC...Thanks
2012-04-19 18:47 Player922858325
It'd be nice if you could move the ad box to the bottom of the screen, so that I won't be keep keeping hitting on it while recording. Thank you!
2012-04-20 04:20 Player406270972
Where the file .wav's directory stored in the phone storage? I can't browse them to copy my recorded file to my PC
2012-04-22 09:16 kwangkung86
2012-04-12 00:10 csjtl
Keeping it simple is best. Good job
2012-04-12 15:04 Player512728766
Very bad interface experience and low features
2012-04-03 05:57 Player585167181
Very simple to use, RUNS UNDER THE SCREEN LOCK, Yay! Picks up all ambient sound including background noise which is great if you want to record both sides of a conversation. Would be nice if it interfaced with Skydrive, Windows Live, etc.
2012-03-24 16:09 ZathrasOne
Really like this app but you can't really hear clearly when you record
2012-03-27 14:38 Player993312516
2012-03-13 22:17 Player107868185
Great app. Very simple to operate. Pinned it to Start.
2012-03-15 13:49 militarytaja
Crashes on windows phone Samsung
2011-11-08 22:56 YoungManMarc
Very functional. Love everything but the design :/ not visually appealing but functional nonetheless
2012-02-06 02:59 strifeltd
2012-03-08 05:07 Player848182815
2012-02-26 23:55 JiveRumble00109
Best recorder app I found so far. Background recording and dropbox integration!
2012-02-20 08:23 PlasticDolphin5
Would be better if u could name the thing u record and if u could send it
2012-02-21 01:10 EllinaKimisME
2012-02-14 13:57 Player948402786
Very functional. Love everything but the design :/ not visually appealing but functional nonetheless
2012-02-06 02:59 Player969090207
2012-01-30 11:26 parasdoshi1989
The best one in the market place , simple and records in the background .
2012-01-22 03:33 BryanGopan
I wish I could send the audio that I recorded but I still like the app
2012-01-25 19:19 micheeloke
Background recorder!
2012-01-17 18:08 lijshuang
2012-01-18 03:23 Player173377814
Not the best
2012-01-19 14:29 Stephnicity95
Good and nice app
2011-10-24 06:12 sammyowusu
Well done
2011-10-25 06:36 Player172251288
Lovely, when phone locked continues to record
2011-10-26 11:00 mongrel4eto
Well done. The 1.2 is on the way, it will add download to PC feature. And 1.3 version will be much better, improve performance and more stable. You can download recorded files to your PC soon. Stay tuned.
2011-10-28 06:37 Player172251288
Wow. Incredibly simple. Exactly what I needed w/o senseless interface redundancies.
2011-10-29 06:04 Mbuthia
Just okay. Please also enable us to record the call conversations.
2011-10-31 11:50 ghazanfarghori
Seems to an adequate audio recorder. Needs option to save Rec as ringtone. Would rate as 5 then.
2011-11-01 02:25 Player780582114
Great sound quality from recordings.
2011-11-03 15:14 Ricky09flame
2011-11-03 21:55 Player276234719
2011-11-04 23:31 wozhu1111
2011-11-06 04:36 BRIAN UECKER
Crashes on startup Samsung Focus 1.4 No-do
2011-11-08 05:51 Sonic2452
Not working for me... Have like five recordings on it and the app wont even stay open so i can play them back
2011-11-08 20:30 BinaBuck87
Crashes on windows phone Samsung
2011-11-08 22:56 MarcWiseJr6
Crashes consistently on my HTC trophy w/7.5
2011-11-09 05:09 PatrickV
Please retry now ( it should be fixed ) if you encounter crash issues. This is because the AD crash the app, I have disabled it and another hotfix is under review. Sorry for the inconvenience.
2011-11-12 15:55 Player172251288
2011-11-14 03:27 Player438274934
2011-11-16 21:46 bitzels26
2011-11-17 06:24 Player339963495
2011-11-21 06:30 Player508470724
File downloader doesn't work. What's the use of recording if you can't get it off your phone...
2011-12-05 02:15 LEGENDOFBIGFOOT
Does the job, no flair and no ***.
2011-12-06 01:54 Player972876838
不错的录音软件。 简洁,易操作。 图标再简约一点,会更有wp风格。
2011-12-10 04:04 linsam001
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