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  • 2010-10-14 03:51
  • 2011-08-07 23:16
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2011-08-03 21:55 GoldEnd61
There is no way to search for stuff? How odd is that?
2011-08-05 03:46 timepasss
Needs sharing and more updates than 3 a day.
2011-08-03 04:03 chydaman
Just needs sharing.
2011-07-29 10:23 GenericHeroName
Add sharing and it a 5
2011-07-29 20:14 One 3ad Mf
Awesome great for a small time waster
2011-07-25 18:27 Rictus green
2011-07-24 04:45 Player386509815
Add sharing
2011-07-20 05:18 RMC182508
2011-07-20 17:12 LOVE DEMON 359
Love the videos. Needs to preload images when looking at galleries. Takes way to long when you have to load each image as you go.
2011-05-27 21:51 PeterFnet
Funny as gell
2011-05-04 01:06 Noorret
2011-05-04 14:59 KPCNOV
Once a great app, but the ad killed it.
2011-05-07 02:13 taco peteee
2011-05-07 03:41 Player641635888
Ads in photo gallery suck, the vids are fun but the app just lacks speed. commenting would be handy too
2011-05-08 00:01 MikeVanZandwijk
Samsung focus, never got a video to play
2011-05-08 00:53 Player406319083
2011-07-18 20:40 Danny08251969
Pretty funny videos, loads fast, and plays pretty clear video, can keep you entertained for a while
2011-05-10 07:57 Eskimoann123
Fun app but no audio. Messed up the audio of the other videos in my phone as well! Not cool!! Fix it (HD7)!!! 2/22/11. Is working perfectly is a great app, good content and very entertaining! 5/11/11.
2011-05-11 14:02 YiyosMojo
2011-05-11 23:15 Daddy NO
2011-05-12 16:48 Conkereno
Good, wat happened to your ***?
2011-05-14 21:11 LEGALLYLIT
This app isn't that bad.
2011-05-15 05:32 Hendogg strait
Great app for a great site. But noticeably missing my favorite SPICY section. Sad day =(
2011-05-17 13:03 JerkBallz23
Please allow to save pictures. Would love to have some as my lock screen.
2011-05-17 18:05 Drakxon
2011-05-18 04:40 Player330793754
Would like to be able to save pics
2011-05-19 17:11 Saint Assassin7
2011-05-23 02:14 Player189098440
Great app...add sharing and it's 5 stars
2011-07-15 16:36 vafos13
2011-05-23 02:19 ReaperOfTime
Awesome app
2011-05-24 09:26 sharewohl
2011-05-25 02:22 waffl3s v8
2011-05-26 08:46 Player719327035
Very nice app
2011-05-26 15:23 deadlyrain2
Didn't like the cussing deleted
2011-05-26 18:40 Chrisrocks24
Please no ads on the pictures it ruins so much
2011-05-26 23:51 ITTZ MR FLUFFY
2011-05-27 04:44 nathen son
I really like wp7 and, but..
Very disappointed when the last update added ads. Also disappointed that pictures can't be saved. My friend has this app for iphone, and he is able to save pictures. It definitely cheapens the experience on wp7. I would be happy to have a paid version that addresses these issues..
2011-05-27 08:42 Stibs X
2011-05-27 15:56 Player272365925
Frustrating that users can't read caption on videos. Please fix! Would love to be able to email/forward thing to people...
2011-05-27 23:07 UltraNatie
Update brings ads to the app, screw that, uninstalling.
2011-05-27 23:42 Farome
2011-05-27 23:48 PeterFnet
2011-05-28 01:55 xizhabox
2011-05-28 03:34 C 420 MR
Sigh.... Really ads?
2011-05-28 05:56 kirb28nh
It would be nice if you could save the pictures...
2011-05-28 12:38 iimp3k
Doesn't load ever
2011-05-28 19:50 Player816533018
2011-05-29 14:18 Corvus Diabolos
The videos have since stopped loading. This would got a high rating more.
2011-05-29 16:09 Player358454688
2011-05-29 18:17 madamevil11
2011-05-31 00:41 Player283801879
2011-05-31 04:31 Player771493981
2011-05-31 16:40 cyclewhite
2011-06-01 02:09 delutz
The ads, for ONE APP, which I already have, are extremely annoying, along with being unable to save pictures.
2011-06-01 09:03 Loftmore
2011-06-01 12:09 GuNDeZZZ
Pretty good. Ads cover some pic titles which is annoying
2011-06-02 02:03 SEALZMATRIX1
2011-07-14 18:09 RAFAEL098
Great App
2011-07-14 22:00 Player780267957
App *** slow slow slow. How about a real update. Not just add more advertising. Think I'm gona uninstall .
2011-06-02 14:06 mrplace
Worked for one video then craped out not worth it
2011-06-02 16:26 Marcus136
2011-06-02 16:38 Player168691100
No saving pics and adds cover pics *** ***
2011-06-03 19:32 IRizzyyy
The ads cover gallery photos, making that feature pretty much worthless.
2011-06-08 04:02 EonDog
Love it
2011-06-08 06:04 Maverick 3X
Entertaining! Decent app. & content!! More entertaining videos please!!! Videos take several taps each to get them to play & pictures should be savable!!!! That needs fixed!!!!! :-) Samsung Focus
2011-06-11 02:09 DanK102
Funny stuff lol
2011-06-11 23:48 SOADer
2011-06-13 10:46 DaYoKah
Like it
2011-06-16 19:07 Player087545419
A good laugh is always welcome
2011-06-17 09:32 FeRchoBiTt
Cool and funny at times but nothing new.
2011-06-17 18:43 MightyB49
2011-06-18 21:14 Aleteanu
2011-06-23 06:52 o ReeK o
No way to search for videos. Would be nice to be able to mark some favorites. That said, otherwise it's a decent app, just a bit lazy in execution.
2011-06-23 13:25 Chaduma
2011-06-30 05:21 Player213054403
Awesome! I've had this app ever since I got my WP7 (over 4 months) and it's hilarious and entertaining! I recommend this app to anyone who's looking for a laugh:D
2011-07-01 21:33 XLPotential1260
Its an ok app!
2011-07-02 07:18 xbeto78
Can't stand not being able to read full description. PLEASE update. 3 stars until you can read description.
2011-07-03 15:48 AT0 V3N0M89
Good for a good laugh. Needs an update so you can share the funny on your social network like Facebook and twitter......hope for an update . Just got the update and none of the things the community wanted are in the update all it got was an ad banner =( lame still can't read the description of the video pictures take to long to load still no share button and no saving pictures so I'm going from 4 stars to 2 sorry I guess the only good way to see the funny is still on the website.......still no update lame..update I just seen the I phone version of this app and its way better you can share the videos leave a comment and save the pictures... I guess doesn't care about windows phone 7 but then again no one does =(
2011-07-06 04:05 The RaLph one
I used this more than any other app =D *** MUAHAHA
2011-07-06 21:48 Michael Lapite
2011-07-08 02:52 Im Bruce Banner
Break is one of my favorite site on the net, when I seen the app in my market I got stoked. After downloading it I was highly disappointed, I couldn't share videos on social networks, I couldn't read a full description on a single video, the banner kept annoying me to no end, and I couldn't even save pictures from the galleries for wallpapers!!! What's the purpose of hot girls or hilarious pictures if you cant save them? This app lacks A LOT, which is something you wouldn't expect from the people at Break. We need to be able to read everything on a video, share with friends, and save some dang pictures! Please work these in to an update quick. Untill then im giving 2*s .... I'll give 5 if things change. P.S. The functionality is very good, thought I'd add that.
2011-07-09 06:13 Player155864026
2011-07-09 10:06 TheFrenzyOne
I love this app, its a little choppy, just a little but then again nothings perfect
2011-07-09 19:25 Aperez660
2011-07-09 20:07 JokerX2012X
Super.. Funny.. But i want to read the full discription of the videos and save the picss on my cell
2011-07-10 17:28 Player719237823
Agree. You need to allow us to read the description. Also would be nice to be able to post videos and pictures to face book.
2011-07-11 13:34 Player191927791
2011-07-12 19:31 bamimanoob
2011-04-29 19:45 ZaVi94
Fun app worth having.
2011-04-30 15:35 UR DAD ATM ME
What is up with the ads and sluggishness, this isn't Android.
2011-04-30 20:03 Hendogg strait
2011-04-30 22:15 JokerX2012X
Good for a good laugh. Needs an update so you can share the funny on your social network like Facebook and twitter......hope for an update . Just got the update and none of the things the community wanted are in the update all it got was an ad banner =( lame still can't read the description of the video pictures take to long to load still no share button and no saving pictures so I'm going from 4 stars to 2 sorry I guess the only good way to see the funny is still on the website.......
2011-04-26 10:34 The RaLph one
Remove banner and allow sharing via twitter, Facebook, sms, e-mail and I would pay for this app
2011-04-26 17:12 tedacura1
Don't upgrade. Used to be a pretty fun app but advertisements lock up video now. Poor app management.
2011-04-27 03:01 one bad monkey6
App used to be good. But with latest update they put ads in and now it ruins the entire photo gallery experience. In landscape mode, big parts of pictures are covered up, etc.
2011-04-28 02:37 CreakyDoor1
Come on. No search bar? For an update, they sure as hell forgot to do the update part!
2011-04-28 23:57 CMBeto
Update made it worse. I don't mind the adds but don't place them on the pics.
2011-04-24 10:23 th0mas kara
Great app, but the update includes an ad. FML.
2011-04-24 12:08 taco peteee
So new update adds a lol ad box?
2011-04-24 13:35 wuzzie
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