Music based sequencer

  • "An integrated package featuring music orientated samples, sequencer and song arrangement screens with live performance features baked in" Among the feaures: 48 fully assignable & high quality musical samples, control over individual sample volume, pitch and pan positioning, multiple polyphonic sounds triggered simultaneously, independent position of pads, Unique ‘Jam mode' (allows single samples to be spread over multiple pads - great in a live scenario), step mode entry/recording and playback of sequences, Arrangement mode allowing individual sequences to be chained together into songs, capability for multiple songs to be stored on the phone and edited / played back at will. Latest version now features a 'Juke Box' front end allowing easy launch of individual sequences and songs for editing purposes. "Weekly builds and a built in feedback option mean this app is bang up to date with the latest enhancements and bug fixes"
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  • 2010-10-19 00:00
  • 2010-12-02 18:02
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Cool App
if you already have Metro Drummer then this app will feel very familiar (it has musical rather than percussion samples). The same three screen: "Live" - for real time sounds (check out the jam mode - great for playing around with the samples), "Sequencer"- for putting together and playing back 4 bars in step mode, and "Song" - for chaining sequences together. The author of the app is very open to suggestions and, at my own suggestion, is adding a manual. (I got responses to all my ideas - there is also a 'feedback' option hanging off the extended menu structure, which I hadn't seen, but will use in the future!)
2010-11-15 18:22 The Dog Biscuit
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