• Lyrics by musiXmatch is a deep dive into the world of song lyrics. This application lets you match lyrics to your own music collection, instantly search for the lyrics to any song and always have a current chart of top lyrics country-by-country. Get started now and experience lyrics like never before!
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Great Zune integration - while listening to a song, open the app and it will bring up the lyrics and will continue to do so for anything in the current playlist.
2010-11-05 01:28 coffeeandaroll
Awesome! Love how well it integrates with the Zune music experience.
2010-10-20 08:48 TusharC
This app is great! I'm blown away by how well this integrates into the Zune experience. You can see they lyrics for all of the songs in your library. And its a pretty app top!
2010-10-20 04:20 Lednik
Very cool app! I'm lousy at understanding lyrics and this app instantly satisfies my curiosity.
2010-10-20 03:46 mhopkins1
2010-10-20 01:10 KaushikDaGr8
This should be a desktop app!
This is such a great application for any music lover. Need to know those lyrics for the song you are playing, look no further. This has blown me out of the water with how accurate the recongition is as well as the quality of the lyrics. The integration is also amazing!
2010-10-20 01:04 enOZero
Great Lyrics App
It found lyrics for some pretty obscure songs I listen to. Pleasantly surprised.
2010-10-20 00:49 pjderks
Found most of my song lyrics
Nice interface and integrates with my phones music library (which is sweet). Didn't find lyrics for some of my more obscure tracks, minus one star for that.
2010-10-19 16:03 SpinCrisis
Very good lyrics app
very good lyrics lookup app, has pretty extensive library of artists and songs, basically anything you might find in a karaoke bar catalog, which is probably what you would primarly use this app for. Love how it automatically catalogs your music collection and has short artist bios.
2010-10-18 22:24 turecej1
2010-10-16 05:09 rick509
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