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  • Lyrics Now allows you to retrieve the lyrics of the song that is currently playing in the phone's media player. So just start playing your favorite music and read or sing along. In addition Lyrics Now let't you search for artist/title and text parts of the lyrics. With this improved version it is now possible to start a secondary search on LyricsWiki if the song could not be found on LyricsWiki search is now also enabled for artist/title search. Another improvement is that the light phone theme is now fully supported. This update now should have much better performance in showing results as now LyricsWiki is much better integrated. That is because now both lyrics sources are queried in parallel. So in times where the service is slow (especially during pacific daytime) there should be at least the LyricsWiki result on screen in acceptable times. Please also note that the better the metadata of your songs (id tags) the better is the hitrate of the search. This update ( fixes some bugs including the issue that long texts are clipped and not fully shown. New functionality includes that the app now checks if the song that is looked up in the artist/title search is in the local media library and if so allows you to play the song (Please be aware that this will end your current playlist and it cannot be resumed from within the Lyrics Now app). In addition lYrics Now now integrates with the Music & Video hub.
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  • Alex Strauss
  • 2010-10-27 09:15
  • 2012-04-30 11:11
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linkinparkv6 Works very well even has some Chinese songs lyrics.
2011-07-20 07:27 BryantLam20
2012-06-20 23:39 Player657035783
Needs to find lyrics for different genres other than what's on the radio
2012-05-13 23:14 moyquezada
2012-05-13 06:43 Player807607241
2012-04-29 00:06 Eat My Spoom
2010-12-15 14:59 Dhiraj Anand
Couldn't find any of my songs. Uninstalled it from the phone.
2010-12-19 04:12 Crayfishes
2010-12-23 12:21 j20milly
2011-01-01 06:31 TheRagingClu3
Could use some work, didnt have all the songs. Not so great
2011-01-14 05:15 MizzSelene
doesn't read songs properly
2012-03-01 02:20 Quentarus
I would have given thus app an easy five except for the fact the you don't get all the lyrics of the song without going to the website... Sure there is a link that makes the website one click away but it still would be nice to view all the lyrics within the app
2012-01-11 06:09 WilleeWaco
Absolutely LOVE this app :)
2011-11-24 10:11 MandiiDenise
This sucks!!!
2011-10-20 05:07 Player352262730
Hate this app. Does not pull up the full song smh!
2011-10-09 03:05 Player480729718
Doesn't fully load the lyrics, however...
2011-09-28 03:35 itsalanis
2011-09-02 16:46 xxmewstarxx
2011-09-03 17:00 lrleslie
2011-07-31 01:20 Player828537723
linkinparkv6 Works very well even has some Chinese songs lyrics.
2011-07-20 07:27 Player942265066
Works great after the update! Fast and accurate lyrics. Marquee integration is a very nice touch!
2011-07-22 04:50 Coniption
Terrible app. Was not able to recognize any song on my playist. Not ONE! Don't waste your time with this app.
2011-04-07 20:17 sweepeacenteno
When it works, it works. It doesn't work on many popular songs, however, which makes it more frustrating than gratifying to use.
2011-04-14 21:36 madpear
Doesn't work.....waste of time
2011-05-09 04:47 Player052696684
Super lame uninstall
2011-05-11 22:17 Yoshiilove12312
2011-05-17 01:07 soley66
Can't find lyrics
2011-05-20 18:06 VXUNE
Poor results
2011-05-24 02:56 Bandon62
Didn't have lyrics for any songs I had. Uninstall!
2011-05-28 03:17 RiONLiON
2011-05-30 01:08 Player700388934
2011-06-09 08:05 TerribleJEaNa
Doesn't show all lyrics unless you go to web site.
2011-06-10 02:54 PureJedi
Bad responding.
2011-06-15 00:52 Pooyan XBOX7
2011-06-17 12:29 Prettyinpearls
2011-06-17 17:58 kamiikamkam01
Never loads, DOESN'T work. DON'T install!!!
2011-06-24 12:08 KittyHannah23
Almost never has the lyrics available within. Save the space on your phone and just search from your browser.
2011-07-03 04:35 jtamsen
This app is horrible
2011-07-03 13:36 Kandyman31
Doesn't have lyrics for all songs!!!!!! And I have around 500 songs and it still couldn't find any lyrics. Uninstallllllll. ***
2011-07-03 22:59 HalaHalawii
2011-07-07 20:49 TeStOfOaTH420
Works well, but slow. More wiki lyrics results vs real app results, which is disappointing.
2011-07-10 23:08 n8iv3
2011-07-12 02:29 PandaBear24
This is a piece of *** they don't have no songs at all it was a waste of my *** time. #smh
2011-04-30 18:07 Rondobaby
Piece of ***
2011-04-28 08:29 Player510748299
Non functional. Lyrics by musixmatch works well for me
2011-04-17 01:21 RudeZero
Doesn't work. Can never find any songs no matter what you search for. Uninstall.
2011-04-16 04:16 Player514045937
Do not install. Non functional
2011-04-08 03:04 DraftyNick
*** doesn't work at all. All it says playing now wat a ripp off
2011-04-09 02:39 Player497867514
Horrible app. Don't download!
2011-04-01 02:33 grace5187
Def not the best lyrics app.
2011-03-26 04:16 AdrianoDhou2
I like this app over all, but can you make it to download all lyrics from wiki?
2011-03-23 17:07 UnusualEntree
All songs we're all wrong... Ugh...
2011-03-13 09:37 LoverQt
Super wack!!!!!!
2011-03-14 22:35 Player491256186
I can't search for songs, only the song that is playing
2011-03-05 19:14 coolmike8789
This app doesn't work
2011-02-26 15:29 AVILA68
2011-02-28 00:04 Player013286728
It does what it supoust to but not the whole song
2011-02-21 03:56 Player333067768
Never worked!!!! >:(
2011-02-09 14:33 chachaslide23
Love it. Need to get songs in other languages indexed as well. This app makes it to my pin to start menu
2011-02-03 03:28 PavanSab
Good at finding artists but not songs. Good idea but not a good app because it doesn't do what it was built to do ... Keep at it!
2011-01-23 12:52 Marlon La Rose
2011-01-20 23:49 nathen son
Great concept, poor execution. Doesn't find much, and loading wikilyrics content only shows part, and forces you to launch IE.
2011-01-21 00:47 while 1 is 1
2011-01-18 08:11 Player306132225
Doesn't have many songs in my library at least... I like the setup, just wish it had the lyrics
2011-01-16 23:35 shoes8611
I love the look and feel of this app, but unfortunately over half the songs I played couldn't be founin the database, and a lot of the times it would show lyrics for the wrong song.
2011-01-15 23:17 good sk8er
Could use some work, didnt have all the songs. Not so great
2011-01-14 05:15 Player730396743
Can't find many songs ...... :S
2011-01-14 16:01 piseth
This thing sucks ...
2011-01-10 07:03 alexanderkyle20
2011-01-07 06:19 massboids
2011-01-05 19:24 Player657035783
Barely got any song correct
2011-01-03 19:04 Wilsonqb3
2011-01-01 06:31 Player339178481
I love it
2010-12-28 09:18 honduras81
Didn't recognize any song
2010-12-26 07:51 huangshirley177
Great one.
2010-12-23 03:00 SurenAg
terrible im giving it one star to be nice
2010-12-23 05:40 carolinee23
2010-12-23 12:21 Player172081575
Couldn't find any of my songs. Uninstalled it from the phone.
2010-12-19 04:12 Player111381133
I like the app.
2010-12-17 09:29 deepzion
2010-12-15 14:59 Player837851416
2010-12-14 16:14 Quimzer
I like it. Improved search and larger lyric display area would be nice. Better than other lyric apps I've tried so far.
2010-12-13 09:34 Coniption
Not bad, and able to redirect if they don't have the lyrics.
2010-12-13 23:08 meg2u
Love it
2010-12-11 05:03 metalwiz
I love it a lot. Hope to enlarge the lyrics area
2010-12-09 03:24 davidshen2001
Finds music for the current song just fine, but the search functionality could be better and the space for the lyrics is incredibly small.
2010-12-08 05:35 AaronCT123
Its good
2010-12-08 07:08 Player567983034
Works great for me!
2010-12-04 19:37 Eclectica
2010-12-03 16:35 Bassmasta1
2010-12-03 17:54 Ignium
It wouldn't find the lyrics I wanted great idea but needs a considerable amount of improvement
2010-12-03 01:21 accordluvr
Mostly only finds lyrics to popular songs. So juggalos, goodluck.
2010-12-01 08:08 PirateNation11
Useless.. Not one lyric found. Only guesses. And guessed wrong each time...
2010-11-30 22:23 Robster7302
Didn't find any lyrics
Great idea ... but failed to find lyrics for any of the songs I tried identifying
2010-11-27 23:37 RobUK007
2010-11-25 21:04 AaronCT123
I like how this app works but they need to add more current songs.
2010-11-25 17:13 makoy731
This app works well. there were a few lyrics it couldn't find, but it used a separate service to find the lyrics. Definitely worth a download
2010-11-22 18:20 cwg5000
Slow and doesn't really work unless you search wiki lyrics
2010-11-18 20:13 eurorey
Never seems to find anything for me.
2010-11-13 17:47 Alissa914
Awesome concept, just needs more lyrics from newer content.
2010-11-13 07:11 Cizzy
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