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  • Metro Drummer is a 'drum kit on a phone' featuring live pads, 'step input' sequencer and song arrangement modes. Some of the other features include:- More than 50 high quality drum samples, 4 immediately accessible and fully programmable kits, Control over individual drum volume, tuning (pitch) and pan position within the stereo field, Multiple sounds triggered simultaneously, Position of the pads can be arranged and saved, Realistic open/closed HiHat action, Unique ‘Jam’ Mode (allows single samples to be spread over multiple pads), Step Mode entry and playback of drum patterns, Individual sequences can be chained together into songs, Unlimited number of songs can be stored on the phone. ** The developer of this application is active - please feedback your requests and comments through the Feedback option on the main menu of the application **
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  • 2010-10-14 01:32
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Drum sounds appear to be recorded on a cassette player. Don't cross your fingers for drum rolls as all you'll get it multiple single taps. Overall with a little more dedication to this app, after it is updated more frequently to solve current issues it should be good. As of now mediocre at best. Not worth $4.99, yet
2011-05-04 01:13 Noorret
My bpm wouldn't even toggle. Plus. . .lag for all. Waiting for a fix before I throw my money out the uninstall window.
2010-12-07 00:40 sawpalmetto
Having used Dedicated Drum Machines from Roland & Yamaha I was amazed to have so much functionality avaialable on my phone! What I would say however is that the app could do with some help screens! (I fed back to the author who promised to add) .However, once you realise that there are only three basic modes/screens - "live" for bashing out things in real time, 'sequencer' for putting together and playing back 4 bars in step mode, and 'Song' - for chaining sequences together, it is actually quite straightforward. The author of the app is very open to suggestions and seemed appreciate of my feedback.
2010-11-16 05:25 The Dog Biscuit
An ok start
I got this mostly to play with the sequencer so my comments are limited to that. The app does does make it easy to make some short sequences then tie them together into a song. There are some performance issues though, the worst of which is there seems to be a gap in time between each sequence. It becomes pronounced when you increase the BPM up to 140-160. There are some other finishing things that are annoying (saving a sequence seems to happen twice, there is a lag when changing between functions, some functions aren't clear) so i'm going to rate this as two stars with the hope that some fixes will smooth out the rough bits.
2010-11-02 21:24 Lamassu03
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