• PODCASTS! brings you the ability to browse, search, stream, download, and listen to thousands of podcasts from around the world right on your Windows Phone! Stream both audio and video podcasts directly on your phone anytime, anywhere over a 3G or Wi-Fi connection with no previous connection to your PC required! Best of all - once you've got the PODCASTS! application on your phone, listening to these podcasts is completely free! NEW FOR 3.0 - MANGO FEATURES!: - background audio playback! - background episode downloads! - no more having to stay on the screen! Standard features include: - favorites! - recent plays! - stream episodes immediately! - download episodes to your phone! - integration with the Music + Video hub! - bookmarks! - browse for podcasts! - search for podcasts! - add any podcast not in our catalog! - intuitive playback controls! - no ads on the full PRO version! - and much more!
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2012-04-19 07:51 Player207476557
Provides a better search than the built-in app.
2012-04-21 02:08 jamesmc404
The best!
2012-04-12 17:50 dankomodric
I like the layout but there are still a few problems--it is hard to get back into the now-playing podcast if you leave the app. It either restarts the podcast or the podcast controls, to see the time elapsed, are gone. Also, it would be great if it was easier to skip around the podcast. It is my favorite podcast app, and I recommend it, but there is definitely room for some improvement. Looking forward to the updates!
2012-04-14 05:00 Player621894374
Restarts the podcast when I navigate away and then come back. Major fail.
2012-04-16 16:04 seajhawk
It's ok!
2012-02-20 12:58 winmobilesantry
2012-04-04 23:40 methinketh
2012-03-29 07:40 Player486204253
Does this even work anymore? Not worth the time dl.
2012-03-31 17:21 Player569375800
2012-03-27 15:32 nranz
It does not pause when I receive a call during a podcast. After my call, I have to rewind to get back to where I left off.
2012-03-28 22:04 Hyowatta
2011-07-23 06:48 RadiusForilla
2011-07-25 21:10 WMD WarLord1987
Download function crashes the application
2011-08-20 03:48 DimonSmart
Excellent app...
2011-08-30 03:17 MrSki123
2011-08-30 06:27 Sina The Great
2011-09-14 03:43 LaChiKyZ
2011-09-30 23:29 BilateralAdrian
Terrible download mechanism
2012-03-12 22:53 Player464234485
2012-03-06 14:45 thesecondsfade
It's ok!
2012-02-20 12:58 vasile81
Don't really find a point in buying since the native is awesome.
2012-02-26 16:15 mykensan
Doesn't support some podcasts
2012-02-15 05:36 TSBerry901
Please fix the problem when a podcast does not display an icon and it is added as a favorite, there is no way to select it. I can't delete it from favorites even if I reenter the feed's URL. The only way to get that favorites slot back is to uninstall and reinstall the app. Thank you.
2012-02-06 14:45 Hyowatta
2012-02-09 08:45 MithunShanbhag
The latest update replaced the default podcast application. This app does not sync with Zune.
2012-02-10 11:50 lavardo
I miss beyondpod on my Android but this is pretty good. Wish it had download support but it is the best I found for wp7. Now 5 stars. I now like it better than beyondpod. Supports downloads and streaming and is much faster than my old Android app. Works great and stable. Will probably buy pro to support the developer.
2012-01-29 16:05 Brandnm
After 1.2 update, the app stops working. It is strang. Please make 1.3 update.
2012-01-29 17:47 Player987311979
Please add Google reader or allow to import via ompl.
2012-01-29 20:04 LazyDonuts
2012-01-30 09:18 Riestri12
The software continues to improve. The most recent update fixed a lot of issues but it is still a little temperamental when downloading and multitasking. Thanks for all the hard work you guys are building a elite product.
2012-01-31 16:32 sfmedic97
Finally we can play the podcasts in background. Good job!
2012-01-31 17:31 kistaAista
The free version is very limited, other free podcasting apps are available that are much better.
2012-01-23 05:46 Player733630547
finally... background audio playback. I love this app!
2012-01-29 03:04 Sharlie Cheen
2012-01-22 02:51 Player983690218
2011-12-24 11:35 Player194749843
No automatic downloads, unresponsive UI at times
2012-01-05 06:02 spanishfreemz
Musica catolica
2012-01-13 22:10 Player420927568
Pretty good, needs background play, only flaw.
2011-12-02 02:54 BlistersNPitch
2011-11-19 06:30 Crazytaxi123
Worthless app. It has never worked. It stays stuck on opening screen. Don't waste time.
2011-11-19 17:38 UrolithicComa62
Great way to get podcasts on your phone! There are some podcasts that are not compatible, though.
2011-11-21 05:13 danrh
2011-11-23 07:52 sagef0ur
Awful, same podcasts that are available for the Zune podcast app built in. Worthless.
2011-11-14 04:35 Player403511273
2011-11-05 21:30 NaeSoSilly
Choosing the initial episodes should be made easy. Should work under locked screen. Otherwise, great app.
2011-11-08 19:01 ghazanfarghori
2011-11-08 19:40 Reverdy
This was great until mango update, now podcast are much better integrated and my phone downloads all my new ones on its own so only having one downloaded at a time and only being able to listen to it in this program is pointless. Hope you had the free version like me
2011-10-28 10:13 rumpagump
Best podcast app I have found. Need a mango version! I would even buy it then :) Mango podccast app will not let you download from 3G so this app is most definitely NOT obsolete!
2011-10-19 23:08 KAWATWO
2011-10-17 00:20 Player292380428
2011-10-15 03:20 eternalOptimist
2011-10-11 18:41 Player554489448
2011-10-06 12:29 gaax
2011-10-07 18:25 Player157880227
2011-10-07 23:15 Angelica Maria
2011-10-08 08:41 robsguy
Was a great app! Unfortunately"Mango" added this in...it was fun while it lasted!!
2011-10-04 19:09 evil frostee
2011-10-01 16:09 NgaoNgo
2011-09-30 02:44 SynthiaA94
Good app, but Mango made it obsolete.
2011-09-30 03:13 Blank Side Up
2011-09-30 23:29 Player172822602
2011-09-28 05:19 WyndlPoons
2011-09-22 17:41 chazzim2069
2011-09-20 07:07 troywoodMSFT
Get it. Get it now!
2011-09-18 01:29 MrTablesaw
Please, PLEASE improve the scrolling!! I will gladly buy the PRO version if the scrolling - vertical and horizontal - is improved so that it's as buttery smooth as other top apps. That being said, I use this app frequently and will continue to do so.
2011-09-13 04:34 AnimalNYC
2011-09-13 16:01 Player953447368
2011-09-14 03:43 Player696818781
2011-09-10 00:55 Player332978520
HD7 feed format unsupported is all I get...terrible.
2011-09-11 09:56 hoppeduponXHGHX
Doesn't allow for multitasking
2011-09-08 01:35 mr Bloo
2011-09-08 01:56 Dragonboats
Perfect podcast app
2011-09-06 20:36 dams the frog
2011-09-06 21:43 Zeke17
2011-08-30 21:21 AnkitTr01
Great app.
2011-08-31 23:11 acuatico69
Great app, needs backgrounding MSFT!
2011-09-01 08:01 Player621816133
Excellent app...
2011-08-30 03:17 Player875961404
2011-08-30 06:27 Player834850318
2011-08-25 23:55 Tazzytalia669
2011-08-25 23:55 Tazzytalia669
2011-08-27 02:38 XMoD3D WaRfAR3X
2011-08-27 02:38 XMoD3D WaRfAR3X
2011-08-28 00:27 Eternal Truth
2011-08-28 00:27 Eternal Truth
The user interface is great. Looks very integrated with the Windows Phone operating system. Two feature requests to make it 5 stars. 1. The downloaded files need to appear within the Music & Videos tile (or app). As of right now, all my podcast I downloads via the desktop appear there. I don't want my podcasts in two places in my phone. 2. I want to subscribe to a podcast, and have an alert telling me when a new issue arrives. For example, This American Life comes out weekly, so I need an alarm every Monday to tell me what they posted on their site, and that it is available to download. Maybe something can be integrated with Live Tile, calendar or alarms, or even email. Thanks
2011-08-23 14:15 Dragonboats
Love the app. Just wished moving around didn't feel like staticie. It makes the app look slow
2011-08-21 01:55 eurorey
2011-08-23 07:01 Dragonboats
Download function crashes the application
2011-08-20 03:48 Player537146886
Great way to get podcasts on your phone! There are some podcasts that are not compatible, though.
2011-08-20 05:29 danrh
I gave three stars because it has a free option. The paid app 1.5 - 2 stars would be more appropriate. The downloaded podcasts don't save your spot so when u go back to them u must remember where u left off and forward to it... slowly. Also, on the streaming podcast, although it does usually keep your place, sometimes when u pause and even close the app it will randomly begin playing in your pocket under the lock screen (and sometimes 30 min to an hour further into the podcast, and u have to rewind to where u left off... Slowly)
2011-08-20 07:26 Player397645725
2011-08-20 14:14 Player434660616
I miss beyondpod on my Android but this is pretty good. Wish it had download support but it is the best I found for wp7. Now 5 stars. I now like it better than beyondpod. Supports downloads and streaming and is much faster than my old Android app. Works great and stable. Will probably buy pro to support the developer.
2011-08-20 17:45 Brandnm
2011-08-16 05:02 MsEssence
Love it!
2011-08-16 17:40 r0mper2
2011-08-17 01:11 THE HOUSE IN HB
Awesome, 'nuff said.
2011-08-13 06:15 Wehttam Divad
Would rate higher if I didn't have to fast forward every time I stopped the podcast for a moment to get back to where I was. PLEASE fix that and you'll get 5 stars.
2011-08-09 03:50 laayceee
2011-08-09 23:49 raz0rf1sh
I think this is a seemingly great podcast app. That being said, i don't care for the non multitasking, i.e. Downloading.
2011-08-07 21:45 Team Schnabel
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