Bey2ollak for Traffic !!

  • Developed by Mohamed Rafea Driven by the current traffic conditions in Egypt, we decided to provide a service to help us all navigate through the traffic in Cairo and Alexandria (hoping to expand soon across the nation). We are a community based traffic information service aiming to keep track of the status of all major roads. Our success is based on the active cooperation of all our members in providing information regarding the traffic conditions they are facing. The language used in the app is "Franco-Arab" which means Arabic written in English letters! Bey2ollak, howa mobile we internet community te2dar menoh te3raf aw te2ool 3ala el shaware3 wel ma7awer wel kabary eza kanet za7ma aw fadya.
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  • 2011-11-03 15:41
  • 2012-04-28 14:36
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needs update
2012-05-13 15:40 MahaMokhtar
not working on my htc trophy wp7
2012-05-08 20:10 Mohammadly
Try to show on map, like city scout app.
2012-04-28 07:23 Tamer Nader
2012-04-20 07:56 Player706947896
not bad
2012-03-21 08:20 MrllGoo
2012-03-01 16:17 mhdraslan
not working on my htc trophy wp7
2012-02-17 17:10 Mohammadly
2011-11-04 08:17 IceCrush
Nice App I hope who using this app to update when using it not just get information only, team app keep up good working and Good Luck
2011-11-04 19:00 Sasa EG
Fantastic. But where's the personalized roads? Also the emergency numbers? You can also do something with a the live tile feature in WP7 :)
2011-11-07 16:26 eMouss
Excellent But I dont like franco
2011-11-11 13:12 Player284612050
Great app
2011-11-14 11:36 Player585343625
I love the concept, but sadly I am never able to post any road updates fa3el 5eer or registered. I am using an hd7 7.5
2011-12-02 17:15 Stilkus
Missing taree2y and Arabic support
2012-01-25 20:49 ShadyElAsra
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