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  • GPS Track Recorder turns your Windows Phone into a handheld GPS device that lets you trace your movements through time and space. Version 1.3 (May 14th, 2011): - Fixed crash when opening tracks in languages with comma as decimal separator. New in Version 1.2 (April 16th, 2011): - Tracks longer than 32000 characters now get sent in multiple e-mails. New in Version 1.1 (April 7th, 2011): - Facebook upload - Altitude & Speed history graphs - GPX format support - Track Profiles let you tag your tracks and save different settings for different activities - Easier panel customization and streamlined recording start/stop - Tips & Tricks page You can watch your current track develop on a Bing(tm) map. You can open and view past tracks, send tracks in e-mail for use in common mapping applications and web sites. You can also upload tracks to your Windows Azure storage account or share track images on Facebook right from your phone. Features include: - Shows current location (Lat/Long), speed (mph and km/h), altitude, course (only when in motion), accuracy, and GPS time - Customizable panels - Accuracy circle around current position - Track points recorded at configurable time and distance intervals - Record behind lock screen and keeps phone from locking (optional, can reduce battery life) - Tracks shown on map. Map can zoom continuously to show the entire track or remain centered on current location - Tracks are color-coded to show speed. Configurable speed ranges make it useful for car (default), boat or biking/running/hiking/airplane - Tracks can be saved and opened later for viewing or upload/e-mailing/sharing on Facebook - Tracks can be e-mailed or uploaded to Windows Azure Storage. Supported formats: CSV, GPX 1.0, GPX 1.1. - Map can switch between road and aerial views, can be turned off to show only track points, can be maximized. Trial app currently has full functionality, but you may have to uninstall/reinstall to get updates (recorded tracks will be lost).
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  • Markus Horstmann
  • 2011-02-17 00:46
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2011-12-31 19:31 Player593640908
2011-09-27 19:43 They
Didn't work for me
2011-07-25 00:45 vlflnd
Awesome app would like to be able to mark hot fishing spots on recorded tracks. That would put this app over the top !!!!
2011-07-09 18:44 Player139137916
New version is now available: altitude graphs, better panel customization, direct Facebook posting, GPX support, track tagging. Send any wishes, suggestions or complaints to [email protected]
2011-04-09 09:54 MarkusHorstmann
New version is in the making: altitude graphs, better panel customization, maybe direct Facebook posting, GPX support. Send any wishes, suggestions or complaints to [email protected]
2011-02-21 18:20 MarkusHorstmann
2011-02-19 20:35 MarkusHorstmann
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